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Democratic Socialists of Orlando is the Orlando, Florida affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.

Orlando DSA electoral work, 2018

In 2018 Democratic Socialists of Orlando supported Chardo Richardson for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 7th district and Robin Harris for Orange County Commissioner.

Richardson is an Air Force veteran and lawyer who has served as president of the Central Florida ACLU while working for a local teachers’ union. Richardson supports single-payer healthcare, free public college, a $15 minimum wage, an end to U.S. involvement in regime-change wars, and a complete restructuring of the criminal justice system leading to the end of the War on Drugs. Richardson is challenging incumbent congressional representative Stephanie Murphy in a Democratic primary. Murphy, a “blue dog” conservative Democrat, voted for Kate’s Law, which punishes undocumented immigrants for returning to the United States after deportation, and for the recent bank deregulation bill. She has also consistently refused to support single-payer healthcare.

Harris is a local activist who has worked on a wide array of issues and has stood up for workers, LGBT folks, and communities of color. The district she aims to represent includes economically oppressed and historically neglected communities of color in West Orlando. She is challenging the incumbent county commissioner, who has supported zoning changes that have paved the way for harmful gentrification in the area. The race is nonpartisan, but Harris has been active in the local Green Party USA. [1]



DSA Orlando General Meeting JAN 30 2017 / 8:00 PM / Campus Cards and Games 2.

ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE ATTENDEES, Adam Whitmer, Daphne Whitmer, Dylan Kelly, Bryn Taylor, Leslie Rising


Nominating leadership positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer

  • Chair nominations: Adam Whitmer - approved by vote of DSA dues-paying members
  • Secretary nominations: Leslie Rising - approved by vote of DSA dues-paying members
  • Treasurer nominations: Angela McHugh - approved by vote of DSA dues-paying members
  • Vice Chair nominations: Bryn Taylor, Dylan Tyer - to be voted upon by DSA dues-paying members at general meeting on 2/27/2017

Establishing Working Subcommittees and Leaders:


Orlando DSA, June 5 2018;


We were proud to host our socialist comrades from throughout the state of Florida to train together to work towards a better future. Thanks Hannah Allison, Ryan Mosgrove, Jill Hakemian, Amy Elizabeth, and Curtis Hierro for facilitating! #SunshineStateSocialism

Orlando DSA Members Private group


Democratic Socialists of Orlando Members Private Facebook group Admins, February 27 2020.

Orlando DSA Members Closed Group

As of May 10, 2017;

This is a closed group for people involved with the Orlando chapter of Democratic Socialists of America.





More names were added by September 23, 2017.

More names were added by May 2, 2018;

Admins and Moderators


DSA Orlando Movie Group


Democratic Socialists of Orlando closed Movie Facebook group, November 13, 2017.

This is a planning, discussion, and guest list for future Orlando DSA movie days. Join us to talk about cinema and socialism. Our goals are to bring together left coalitions to talk about how to get things done in Orlando, and also nerd out about movies! You do not need to be a DSA member to join or invite others. [3]


  • Nic Snow, created group on November 11, 2017.


Orlando DSA reading group


As of May 10, 2017;

This is the reading group for DSA of Orlando- we'll be tackling works of left-wing political theory, history, and economics, meeting twice a month to discuss what we've read.[4]



More names were added by September 23, 2017.

Orlando DSA environmental workgroup

Public Facebook group, as of September 23, 2017.[5]




More names were added by September 23, 2017.

Orlando DSA community outreach group

Closed Facebook group, as of September 23, 2017.[6] Admins




DSA Orlando Meeting, Monday, February 13 at 7 PM - 10 PM EST, 116 S Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, Florida 32792.