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Wendy Davis is a former state senator from Fort Worth, Texas. She represented District 10 in the Texas Senate from 2009 to 2015, and previously served on the Fort Worth City Council. Davis gained national attention from holding a thirteen-hour filibuster to block SB 5 in 2013, which aimed to increase abortion restrictions in Texas. Davis ran for governor of Texas in 2014 as the Democratic Party’s nominee. Wendy Davis is now the founder of Deeds Not Words, an organization which inspires women to take action towards organizing for equality. She is a graduate of Tarrant County College, Texas Christian University and Harvard Law School.

21st Century Democrats

21st Century Democrats unsuccessfully endorsed Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas in 2014.[1]

Wendy Davis was endorsed by 21st Century Democrats in 2020 for US Congressional District 21.

TOP endorses Wendy Davis

Texas Organizing Project June 21, 2014


TOP Pasadena member Rosario Martinez and State Sen. Sylvia Garcia pumping up the crowd before Wendy Davis takes the stage! #TOPendorsement #TOPvotes

PowerPAC+ backing

From PowerPAC+, May 12, 2014.[2]

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Wendy Davis – Wendy Davis' campaign for Governor of Texas is one of the most exciting opportunities for the multiracial majority to turn Texas blue. We have backed Wendy Davis since 2012 before she gained national prominence for her gutsy filibuster of anti-choice legislation. Wendy champions quality education and health care. Her campaign is historic because it has ignited energy, resources, and attention towards turning Texas blue at every level of government.

PowerPAC+ supported Elected and Appointed Leadership

The list of PowerPAC+ leaders is growing.

Here are the social justice champions we have helped elect.

Colin Allred for Congress Campaign Advisory Board

The Colin Allred for Congress Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from across the business, political, and non-profit sectors who will offer their expertise and strategic guidance to the campaign.[4]

  • Wendy Davis, former State Senator.