Washington Area Committee for Political Prisoner's Rights

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Washington Area Committee for Political Prisoner's Rights

A flier by the Washington Area Committee for Political Prisoner's Rights promoted a "Night of Solidarity with Political Prisoners in the U.S.", Saturday, April 28, 1990, to be held at the Luther Place Memorial Church, 1226 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. It would feature:

The flier also said:

"Freedom Now! "Currently more than 150 political prisoners from different movements for freedom and social justice are held by the U.S. government which consistently denies their existence to the U.S. and international public. These prisoners come from the Puerto Rican independence movement, the New Afrikan/Black liberation movement, the Native American struggle, the North American anti-imperialist movement and the radical peace movement, the Plowshares. All of them are committed political activists who are incarcerated because of their resistance to U.S. government domestic and foreign policies."

The Resistance Conspiracy Case in Washington DC "Within the next few months, the state wants to stage yet another political show trial here in Washington, DC to suppress any further dissent against government policies. The indictment against Susan Rosenberg, Marilyn Buck. Laura Whitehorn, Linda Evans, Alan Berkman and Tim Blunk in the upcoming "Resistance Conspiracy Case" is based on politically motivated prosecution and the utilization of conspiracy laws, which are increasingly used to criminalize entire sectors of the progressive movement. Five of the co-defendants have already been sentenced from 12 to 70 years in prison for their active resistance against U.S. imperialism."

"The defense of all political prisoners and prisoners of war, as well as prisoners' support work has historically been an integral part of our struggles for social justice and national liberation - to gain freedom for all political prisoners, to protect our movements from further government repression and to build a broad resistance movement."

Washington Area Committee for Political Prisoner's Rights, P.O. Box 28181, Wash. D.C. 20038-8191


(Other studies on CISPES were put out by the Council for Inter-American Security CIS)

List of "Political Prisoners" whose photos were shown on the back of the flier:

(POW was included on the photos: these revolutionary criminals and killers include members of the Black Liberation Army, the Melville-Jackson Brigade, possibly the Revolutionary Action Movement, the FALN (Armed Forces for National Liberation), the Black Panther Party, the May 19th Communist Organization (esp. the Nyack armored car robbery and killings), the Weather Underground/Weathermen, and other communist/black extremist groups.

More information on their affiliations will be added over time, and some of them will be identified in depth in organization sections at Keywiki)

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