Victor Rabinowitz

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Victor Rabinowitz

Template:TOCnestleft Victor Rabinowitz Esq. (July 2, 1911 – November 16, 2007), was a New York activist and lawyer.

Helsinki-Youth Festival

July 29-August 6, 1962 the World Youth Festival was held in Helsinki, under the auspices of the Soviet front World Federation of Democratic Youth.

Willard Uphaus, supporter of Communist fronts and Carlton Goodlett and Victor Rabinowitz, identified members of the Communist Party USA raised funds for the festival in a letter in the April 2, 1962 issue of the National Guardian.

Communist-aligned attendees were Charles Berrard, Michael Myerson, Harold Supriano and Michele Hall, daughter of communist Hawaiian labor leader Jack Hall, and future wife of Assemblyman, State Senator, Congressman and California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton (D-CA).

Professor Howard Zinn, an identified member of Communist Party USA active in ocmmunist fronts, American Peace Mobilization and New York CP dominated American Veterans Committee, helped recruit attendees to Helsinki confab.[1]

Herbert Aptheker Testimonial Dinner

On April 28, 1966 Victor Rabinowitz was a sponsor of the Herbert Aptheker Testimonial Dinner. The dinner was held on the occasion of Herbert Aptheker's 50th birthday, the publication of his 20th book, and the 2nd anniversary of the American Institute for Marxist Studies. It was held in the Sutton Ballroom, The New York Hilton, Avenue of the Americas, 53rd to 54th Street, New York City. Most speakers, organizers and sponsors were known members or supporters of the Communist Party USA.[2]

Changing Communist brands

Leonard Boudin, the father of Weatherman Kathie Boudin, was a partner of Victor Rabinowitz.

Both served as attorneys for the Castro Communist government of Cuba. Victor Rabinowitz admitted in his book Unrepentant Leftist, A Lawyer's Memoir that he joined the Communist Party USA late in 1942[3].

He also stated "I date the end of my membership in the Party at sometime in 1960 or 1961. There was no formal act marking the end of the relationship. I just stopped going to meetings and paying dues and considered myself a nonmember, and I suppose the Party came to the same conclusion, though I continued to meet with Party members to discuss both political and legal matters for many years after."[4] .

Rabinowitz admitted being loyal to the Soviet Union and said, "The importance of the Soviet Union to the Communist Party of the United States can hardly be overestimated. With all of its imperfections the U.S.S.R. represented, to me and all those I worked with, Socialism Triumphant. Itsn proclaimed goals were our goals; its hopes were our hopes."[5] In January 1963, Communist Party USA functionary Henry Winston met with leaders of the East German Socialist Unity Party, the ruling Communist Party of East Germany. Winston provided the East Germans with a list of members of the Progressive Labor Party, the Maoist Communist organization in the United States. Among those he listed were Victor Rabinowitz, New York, Lawyer, and Joni Rabinowitz, student, daughter of Victor Rabinowitz. According to the list in the East German archives it was prepared by Comrade Mille Stand[6].

Young DSA conference

The 1998 Democratic Socialists of America Youth Section Conference was held on February 28 through March 1 on the campus of Bryn Mawr College, outside Philadelphia. It provided young activists with the chance to acquaint themselves with others members of the Youth Section, participate in several informative workshops, and learn from long-time progressive and socialist activists.

One of the main features of the conference was the "Activism Through the Ages" panel discussion. The panel featured testimonials from four brave souls who can take pride in their commitment.

Civil rights attorney and National Lawyers Guild founder Victor Rabinowitz spoke[7]about enduring as a principled radical during the dark period that characterized the onset of the Cold War and the damning scourge that was McCarthyism in America.

Advisory Board Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center

As at Winter, 2008, the following served on the Advisory Board of the Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center:

In Memoriam:



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