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Shelly Servadio is an Iowa activist. From Tulare, California.


Muscatine DSA connection

Nicholas Salazar July 24, 2018.


With RosaIsela Salazar, Taylor Jacob, Shelly Servadio and Brian Noel Martinez.

IDP vice chair candidate

In 2016 Shelly Servadio ran for vice chair of the Iowa Democratic Party.

My name is Michelle D. Servadio. I’m a Christian. I have five children, I’m an RN, a US Army Veteran, and I believe in serving others out of love without expectation of anything in return. I have a deep love for Iowa, our people, and the lands. I’m Vice Chair of the [state] Veterans Caucus and I’m chair of the Veterans Caucus in Muscatine County. As an RN I’ve fought for Iowans to have access to medicinal cannabis in Iowa and helped found the Iowa Hemp Association. I’ve fought against racism and bigotry in our state as a Veteran. I am a true progressive and I stand for the values Democrats hold dear, boldly so.

Servadio wrote the IDP platform amendment on medicinal cannabis at State Convention this summer and debated it. It passed unanimously and "I was so overwhelmed I cried"... I thought: “Thank you, if our group, so diverse can unify, there is hope.”[1]

Progressive Caucus

Shelly Servadio was a founder of the Iowa Democratic Party Progressive Caucus.

MS: I’m new. I was brand new and joined to caucus for Bernie. So that’s all I’ve done until now. I’ve been very busy this past few months! I’m also a founding member of and Chair of Veterans Affairs for the Progressive Caucus. The Progressive Caucus believes in upholding civil liberties and basic human rights, clean environment, free speech, dedication to health care needs, education for all ages, diversity and inclusion, and a celebration of what makes us unique and diverse. We are a party of inclusion. I’m drawn to these values. I believe many Iowans are.[2]

DSA of Iowa closed Facebook group

November 27, 2017

In September 2017 Shelly Servadio was a member of the Democratic Socialists of Iowa public Facebook group.

Our Revolution Central Iowa Facebook

Members of Our Revolution Central Iowa closed Facebook group, accessed November 27, 2017 included Shelly Servadio.[3]