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Quentin Davis is a Massachusetts activist.

Boston CCDS

According to Boston Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism member Quentin Davis, Boston CCDS several years ago adopted a resolution to concentrate on healthcare reform. This led to a series of teach-ins starting in December 2010 sponsored by Boston CCDS as well as the Center for Marxist Education (CPUSA), Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Democratic Socialists of America.

All of our chapter, including Paul Warnick (now deceased) and Greg King (now deceased), worked hard on the teach-ins.

Since December 2013, Greg King, John Ratliff, Sandy Eaton and Quentin Davis organized meetings of Health Justice for Boston, a project of Mass-Care, and began editing our monthly newsletter, with input from other activists. All chapter members have attended multiple meetings and almost all have contributed to the newsletter, especially Sandy, John and Quentin.[1]