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Philip Burton...

Philip Burton was a Democratic Party California Congressman.

Helped by Carlton Goodlett

According to radical former San Francisco district attorney Terence Hallinan, an endorsement from Carlton Goodlett was important to the election of many political leaders. Goodlett helped to inspire and promote the political careers of Mayor Willie Brown, the late Representative Philip Burton, Senator John Burton, and Representative Ron Dellums[1].

World Peace Council

The first official conference of the Soviet front World Peace Council in the U.S. was the Dialogue on Disarmament and Detente held January 25-27, 1978, in Washington, DC.

A luncheon was held to honor World Peace Council president Romesh Chandra that was attended[2]by California Congressmen Philip Burton, Don Edwards, Ron Dellums, and New York rep. Charles Rangel.

IPS 20th Anniversary Committee

According to Information Digest[3]the Institute for Policy Studies celebrated its 20th anniversary with an April 5, 1983, reception at the National Building Museum attended by approximately 1,000 IPS staffers and former staff.

The Congressional IPS comittee members included Les Aspin {D. WI}, George Brown, Jr. (D.CA} , Philip Burton (D.CA), George Crockett (D-MI}, Ron Dellums (D.CA}, former Texas Congressman Robert Eckhardt, Don Edwards {D.CA}, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, Tom Harkin {D-IA}, Robert Kastenmeier (D. WI}, Chairman of the Subcomittee on Courts, Civil Liberties and the Administration of Justice, George Miller (D-CA}, Richard Ottinger {D-NY}, Leon Panetta (D-CA}, Henry Reuss (D.WI}, Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, Patricia Schroeder {D.CO}, John Seiberling (D.OH} and Ted Weiss {D.NY}.


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