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[[File:Peterwillis.PNG|thumb|200px|Peter Willis]]
[[File:Peterwillis.PNG|thumb|180px|Peter Willis]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' was close to the [[Socialist Unity Party]] in [[Auckland]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' was close to the [[Socialist Unity Party]] in [[Auckland]].
==Union comrades==
[[Bob Stormont]], [[Len Beckett]], [[Rob Campbell]], [[Peter Willis]].
==ATC March==
==ATC March==

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Peter Willis

Peter Willis was close to the Socialist Unity Party in Auckland.

Union comrades


Bob Stormont, Len Beckett, Rob Campbell, Peter Willis.

ATC March


NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories January 11 20l6 · Auckland, New Zealand.

1979 FOL Auckland Trades Council March.

From left, Steve O'Reilly, Peter Willis, Rob Campbell, Karl Andersen, Bill Woolsey (check shirt), Zac Wallace, Bruce Fowler (w/megaphone), Dick Davis.