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The Partisan Defense Committee is a "a class-struggle, non-sectarian legal and social defense organization that champions cases and causes in the interests of the whole of the working people."[1]. It refers to itself as an "affiliate" of the Trotskyite Spartacist League (SL).

A short history of the SL and its' orientation description was summarized in a section on them in the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA) publication, "Subversive Influences in Riots, Looting, and Burning", Part 1, hearings, HCUA, 90th Congress, 1st Session, Oct. 25, 26, 31 & Nov. 28, 1967, pp. 907-910 thusly:

Spartacist League, Box 1377, G.P.O., New York,N.Y. 10001

Origin: The Spartacist League originated in 1960 as a small group of dissident members of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) who, stylling themselves the Revolutionary Tendency of the SWP, stood in substantial disagreement with the party's leadership on such basic policy questions as the proper approach to the Cuban revolution. After 3 years of trying to promote a more revolutionary line than that of the leadership, the group was expelled from the SWP in December 1963 for alleged 'disloyal attitudes.'

Purpose: The Spartacist League is a revolutionary organization which proclaims itself a "national section of the international Trotskyist movement" working for the "victory of the socialist revolution in the United States." In the Chinese-Soviet dispute, the Spartacists reject the Soviet approach to revolution in line with basic Trotskyist doctrine. But they also reject the Maoist approach because of its alleged substitution of "peasant-based guerrilla warfare" for the correct line of the "vanguard role of the working class."

Publications: "Spartacist", (national bimonthly); "Espartaco", (national Spanish-language bimonthly), "Spartacist-West, (occasionally issued publication of the Bay Area Spartacist League, Berkeley, Calif.), "Marxist Bulletin" series, (basic documents of Spartacists' official positions on such issues as expulsion from the SWP, Cuban revolution, Negro questions, etc.

KW: Today it publishes "Workers Vanguard" (WV) which can be found on the internet under "Spartacist League".

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