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The Occupy Columbus demonstration is a part of the Occupy Movement which began on Sept. 17, 2011 with the original Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York City. The protest began on October 1 with a march that was "simultaneously thought of by campus and community activists." Following this, general assemblies started to be held on Tuesday nights in a local park, and also at demonstrations on Saturdays. A small ongoing presence has been established at the sidewalk in front of the statehouse, and fairly large demonstrations were held on October 10th and 15th, as well as on subsequent Saturdays.[1]


DSA Involvement

On Oct. 30, 2011, Democratic Socialists of America member Simone Morgen participated in the protest on which she made the following comments:[1]

Committees have been established (research, outreach, logistics, legal, etc.) as well as a website, forum and Facebook presence. I have been most in contact with the legal committee due to prior acquaintance in work and Comfest (community festival) contexts, and we have also contacted by Occupy to lend our name in support. Various programs have been held; there may be opportunities for teach-ins. Resolutions have been passed supporting the repeal of SB5 (rally to be held November 1st), an end to corporate personhood, fairness in taxation, getting money out of politics and preserving the safety net.
One aspect that may be unique here is that a separate student Occupy has focused on campus concerns such as tuition increases and the proposed privatization of OSU parking spaces. This group meets separately, although they send delegates to the main Occupy group and work with them on specific events.
Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio (DSCO) members have gone to various general assemblies and events, to the degree it can be coordinated with work and other activist events. I have been using some local contacts to try to obtain an indoor meeting space for them in the coming colder months."

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