Occupy Alaska

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Occupy Alaska

A handful of protesters have formed a group known as "Occupy Alaska" and seem mainly to operate in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Their numbers are reported in the dozens, if that much, as reporting on their protests barely made any newspaper in the lower 48.

Several people have been identified as member of Occupy Alaska, including John Heuerman, "a university student and waiter taking part in the demonstration (in Anchorage)," according to "Occupy Alaska protestors keep vigil despite the cold". [1]

There were a few arrests for trespassing at a local Wells Fargo bank branch, but otherwise things were calm.

Heuerman, whose has an exulted sense of self-importance, said that "We're out here supporting the rest of the country. And you know they know about us."

Also identified in the article was "Brent Baccala", "self-described Christian street minister and a software designer." He was quoted as saying "I think that a sense of patience and endurance is happening here, if we hang in there and we endure, that things are going to change. It's important for us, as the coldest and farther north, to set that example."

Temperatures in Fairbanks, Alaska have reached below minus-10 degrees Faranheit.


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