Mike Jackson

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Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson was a member of the Socialist Unity Party in Auckland. Married to Lanee Wondergem. Died in 2015 in Australia.

"They have known each other for many years"


Mike Jackson and Helen Clark.

Kingsgate Accord


With Mike Jackson, Bill Andersen, Judy Attenberger, Darien Fenton, Andrew Little, Jim Jones

NDU comrades

NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories March 5, 2015 ·

Photo of Northern Distribution Workers Union officials circa mid 1980s.


Back row left: Dale Frew Hamilton, Jack Cunningham Hamilton, Colleen Ryan Gisborne, Mike Jackson Auckland, Lance Wardlaw Hamilton, Rose Sievers-Brietler Rotorua, Owen Harvey Auckland, Neil O'Neill Tauranga, Bob Taylor Gisborne, Matt Wiringi,?? Dick Davis Tauranga, Graeme Whimp Auckland, James Ritchie Hamilton, Alan Ware Hamilton.

Moscow 1986


Mike Jackson and Steve O'Reilly were in Moscow in 1986 visitng CPSU party rooms.


Mike Jackson and Steve O'Reilly at Health Spa in Soviet Union.


Mike Jackson, Steve O'Reilly and Alan Ware, Yalta 1986.

SUP comrades and friend


Malcolm Arnold, Alan Ware, Mike Jackson, Rob Campbell.

ATC March


NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories January 11 20l6 · Auckland, New Zealand.

1979 FOL Auckland Trades Council March.

Union leaders front row of march, from left–Mike Jackson, Jim Knox (turned), David Thorpe Combined State Unions, Jim Anderton (NZ Labour Party), Eileen Tourell, Peter Purdue, Len Smith, Adrian Webster PSA, Frank Clarke.

Unemployed women

1978, March 2, Margaret Wilson chaired meeting a in Auckland on problems faced by unemployed women. 22 women's organisations represented. Speakers included SUP's Eileen Tourell and Mike Jackson.



Tom Downey in Bulgaria with Mike Jackson at Georgi Dimitrov Trade Union School 1974.

Latvia 1978


Peter Cross, Mike Jackson, Les Taylor.

Tallin 1974