Michael Swanwick

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Michael Swanwick

Socialist scholars

At the 2000 eighteenth annual Socialist Scholars Conference in New York, Utopian visions with bite were the topic of a panel on science fiction and socialism organized by DSA. Authors Terry Bisson, Bears Discover Fire, and Michael Swanwick, Stations of the Tide, joined Rutgers professor Bruce Franklin and Australian critic Justine Larballestier. The Nation UN correspondent and NY Democratic Socialists of America member Ian Williams reported that the people at the panel were excited by the fact that “Sci-fi allows one to try out our ideas. Most socialist utopianism is boring, conflict-free, nothing to work out. Sci-fi adds back some of the clash of ideas, interests, reintroduces evil.” Next year we hope there will be other panels on detective fiction, movies, maybe sports[1].