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All kinds of power in this one.  
All kinds of power in this one.  
#onthatnag — with [[Linda Sarsour]], [[LeChele Gilly]], [[Michele L. Watley]] and [[Alain Bee]].
#onthatnag — with [[Linda Sarsour]], [[LeChele Gilly]], [[Michele L. Watley]] and [[Alain Bee]].

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Marcus Ferrell was African American Outreach at Bernie Sanders for President, Partner at MFJS INC. and Community Organizer at MPACT America.


  • United States Navy

Abrams campaign

October 2017, Marcus Ferrell, the deputy campaign manager for Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, left the campaign after he was outed by the Atlanta Journal Constitution for being interviewed on By Any Means Necessary, a program on the Russian-backed network Sputnik News. Eugene Puryear, the host of By Any Means Necessary, told Anoa Changa. “Yes, at times other nations point to racism to expose US hypocrisy. At the end of the day though, the problem is racism and capitalism. People who have a problem with race being ‘divisive’ in the US should work to solve the root problems. Not try to smear movements.”[1]

Sarsour connection

Marcus Ferrell February 10, 2017 ·

All kinds of power in this one.

  1. onthatnag — with Linda Sarsour, LeChele Gilly, Michele L. Watley and Alain Bee.

Arizona DSA Facebook group

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America - Arizona, Closed Facebook Group, as of January 11, 2018 included Marcus Ferrell.[2]


Belen Sisa March 12;

It was a pleasure to host and introduce two amazing people in politics today, Our Revolution President and Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner & phenomenal human being & LD 24 Candidate for Arizona State Representative Marcus Ferrell for Arizona LD 24 (if you live in his district, you know what do ☺️ vote vote vote for him!!) You all inspire me more than you know and I am incredibly humbled to be surrounded, supported, and have the guidance of such wonderful leaders in our community. Let’s go #2018!!
P.S. today brought me flashbacks of campaign days on #Bernie2016 all over again ❤️🔥

📸: Brent Whiting — with Billy Kovacs, Marcus Ferrell, Brianna Westbrook, Deedra Hill Abboud, Roy Tatem Vanguard, Garrick McFadden, Redeem G. Zakari and Tara Ijai at Marcus Ferrell for Arizona LD 24.

Phoenix DSA endorsements

Phoenix Democratic Socialists of America, June 1, 2018;

Join us at 3 PM, Saturday June 9th for a regular meeting of the Phoenix Democratic Socialists of America. At this meeting we will be voting on chapter endorsements of local candidates for office. The meeting will consist of a candidate forum featuring Marcus Ferrell (for AZ House LD24), Gilbert Romero (for AZ House LD21), LaDawn Stuben (for AZ House LD18), and Camaron Stevenson (for Phoenix City Council District 8), with more potential candidates to be added. We hope to see you there! The meeting is open to all, although only DSA members may vote for endorsements.[3]

National DSA endorsement


In August 2018 National Democratic Socialists of America endorsed Marcus Ferrell,