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[[File:Dlugin.JPG|thumb|Lee Dlugin, 2001]]
[[File:Dlugin.JPG|thumb|Lee Dlugin, 2001]]
'''Lee Dlugin'''  is a [[Communist Party USA]] activist.
'''Lee Dlugin'''  is a [[Communist Party USA]] activist. She is the daughter of communist leader [[Sam Dlugin]].
==Party role==
==Party role==

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Lee Dlugin, 2001

Lee Dlugin is a Communist Party USA activist. She is the daughter of communist leader Sam Dlugin.

Party role

In 2001, Lee Dlugin previously Party International Secretary, agreed to become the Party's Comptroller. One of the priorities was to staff the Finance Department, another strategic move. The National Board collectively agreed that to make breakthroughs in finances needed to add capable and politically experienced cadre, like Lee and Pat Barile, who has also joined the Finance Department[1].

Endorsed Communist Party Call

On March 30 2002 the Communist Party USA paper People’s Weekly World called for a national holiday in honor of late Farm Workers Union leader Cesar Chavez. The article was followed by a long list of endorsers[2]including Lee Dlugin, Almost all endorsers were confirmed members of the Communist Party USA.

New Jersey

In 2012, Lee Dlugin was a leader of the New Jersey District of the CPUSA.[3]