Labor Day Greetings in People's Weekly World

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Just as the Communist Party CPUSA newspapers runs Mayday greetings almost every year, so to does it run Labor Day greetings, usually from the same people.

Lists of people from both specific geographical locations (i.e. state, city) or by subject (i.e. a greeting to someone specific or just to the "Day" will appear in this section over a period of time. It must be remembered that just because a name appears in a "greeting", it does not mean that the individual is a member of the CPUSA. However, since most people don't know that the CPUSA newspaper still exists, it is not unreasonable to assume that the individual signing the greeting is well aware of where it is going to appear, and in many cases, it is safe to assume that the signer knew that many of the people involved in their particular ad were members of the CPUSA.

Honoring Eve Neidelman

On September 4, 1999, the following added their names to the below greeting,[1]

Eve Neidelman 1902-1999 - "We honor a life devoted to the American Working Class and its Trade Unions. A promoter of Art and Artists, and a strong believer in Socialism. May her memory serve as an inspiration."

Honoring Joseph Henderson

On September 4, 1999, the following added their names to the below greeting. The list is mainly made up of members of the CPUSA in Baltimore, Maryland, if not exclusively of them, as Henderson was a key CPUSA leader in the Baltimore CPUSA for many decades.[2]

"We think often of our believed Joseph P. Henderson, steel union organizer, Communist and the life of the part. We try to live up to the example he set in the struggle for peace, equality and Socialism"

Ellen Pinter showed up as a member of the Baltimore Jews For Peace phone-booth operation in 1971, at a "service" re peace in Vietnam. What remained of the core of the old Baltimore/Maryland CPUSA also attended this event and attempted to take it over. They were exposed by a group of liberal & conservative Jews who know who they really were and what they were up to.[4]. GET COMPLETE CITATION. (Need to check who her husband was. Believe he was an identified member of the CPUSA from the 1950s hearings)

Solidarity to Build People's Weekly World

The following added their names to the below greeting,[5]

"We friends of the People's Weekly World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin stand shoulder to shoulder with the American worker in exposing the greed of monopoly capitalism. We pledge to build the People's Weekly World from Labor day to May Day. Solidarity forever."

We Honor Frank Soifer

Labor Day Supplement of People's Weekly World PWW, Sept. 4, 1999, Page C

The text of the greeting is as follows, with the list of signers afterwards: "Iron Worker, past president of [[International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers Local 790, (California bay Area)". Chair, Oregon Communist Party. Fighter for labor all his adult life since joining the Young Communist League and the Communist Party USA in 1939. Served in the U.S. Army in World War II. Leader in labor struggles on behalf of his union and his class, guided by his deep understanding of class struggle. Candidate for Mayor of Eugene, Oregon, 1996. Honored as a "Hometown Human Rights Hero" in 1998 by City of Eugene, Oregon Human Rights Program. Member of Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network. Tireless supporter of the People's Weekly World."

"Frank is a troublemaker in a constructive and progressive way. He cares for people before profits, and anyone willing to raise that standard is a precious resource." - Charles Spencer, ESSN co-chair, quoted by Paul Neevel in "Eugene Weekly", 5/20/99.

On This Labor Day We Honor Audrey West

Labor Day Supplement of People's Weekly World, Sept. 4, 1999, Page D

"For her untold hours on the picket lines and in strike relief work. For her initiatives for peace and women's equality. For her work against racial bigotry. And for her conviction that people's unity will make our dream of a truly human world a reality."

Audrey West was literally a lifelong member of the CPUSA, and this group of greeters represent the states of Washington and Oregon. Was was the "General Manager" of the PWW, issue of June 12, 1993,p. 16


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