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Keely Mullen YouTube Screenshot via AcronymTV

Keely Mullen is "national organizer"[1] for the Socialist Alternative who gained national notoriety after an exchange with Neil Cavuto of Fox Business.[2], Her father is a supporter of the Million Student March.[3]


Keely Mullen [4]

"The fight for free education is a fight against the corporate model of education which both the Republicans and the Democrats have supported. It is, therefore, also pointing in the direction of the need for a new independent political force for the 99%. Young people are increasingly rejecting neoliberal capitalism and open to socialist answers. The only way we will truly achieve high-quality, free education for all is by getting rid of this rotten capitalist system."

Million Student March

Keely Mullen was an organizer for the Million Student March, along with Darletta Scruggs and Elan Axelbank, all of whom are members of the Socialist Alternative. She spoke with Neil Cavuto of Fox Business Channel about the Million Student March in November 2015.