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Judy Tuan is a San Francisco software engineer.



In August 2017 Judy Tuan was a member of San Francisco Democratic Socialists of America.

Green Socialist Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America, Green Socialist Caucus closed Facebook group members, as of June 28 2017, included Judy Tuan.[1]

DSA Women's Caucus Facebook group

Members of the DSA Women's Caucus closed Facebook group, as of August 25, 2017 included Judy Tuan .[2]

Fearless Cities

In June 2017, a delegation of five members of San Francisco Democratic Socialists of America, including Judy Tuan, Jennifer Bolen and Jack Coughlin joined government officials, journalists, and activists from over 180 cities across five continents at the inaugural Fearless Cities summit in Barcelona, Spain. [3]

DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of March 16, 2017 included Judy Tuan.[4]

Gay Space Communism Caucus

Members of the Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism Caucus, DSA, members, as of October 15, 2017 included Judy Tuan;[5]

"Wholesome Meme Stash"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Wholesome Meme Stash closed Facebook group, accessed November 14, 2017 included Judy Tuan.[6]