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'''Jason Crow'''
'''Jason Crow'''
==Trump impeachment managers==
February 15 2020 [[Nancy Pelosi]] selected seven House Democrats to serve as impeachment managers, essentially acting as prosecutors during Trump’s Senate trial: [[Adam Schiff]], [[Jerrold Nadler]], [[Jason Crow]], [[Val Demings]], [[Zoe Lofgren]], [[Sylvia Garcia]] and [[Hakeem Jeffries]].<ref>[https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/15/here-are-the-house-impeachment-managers-in-trumps-senate-trial.html]</ref>
==Endorsing Tay Anderson==
==Endorsing Tay Anderson==

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Jason Crow

Trump impeachment managers

February 15 2020 Nancy Pelosi selected seven House Democrats to serve as impeachment managers, essentially acting as prosecutors during Trump’s Senate trial: Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Jason Crow, Val Demings, Zoe Lofgren, Sylvia Garcia and Hakeem Jeffries.[1]

Endorsing Tay Anderson

Tay Anderson September 1 2019·

Never thought I would see a day where members of Congress would be saying it’s #TayTime! I’m so enthused to have these people on our team.


Tay Anderson was endorsed in his Denver School Board run by Congressmembers Joe Neguse, Jason Crow and Diana DeGette.

Support from Onward Together

Onward Together supported Jason Crow as a candidate for the 2018 midterm elections.[2]

21st Century Democrats

Jason Crow was endorsed by 21st Century Democrats in 2020.


Veronica Leigh October 17, 2018.


This is a fraction of #TeamCrow. An awesome team of people that I am so lucky to know and fight for democracy with every day! 20 days to get Jason Crow for Congress elected! — with Deserai Anderson Crow, Jessica Price, Andrea Price Herbert, Katrice Traylor, Chavez S. Brooke, Karen Charboneau-Harrison, Karin Echevarria, Laurie Ritchie, Cindy Sandhu, Cathy Lees, Jody Rein, Laura Reeves, Kristin Mallory, Vita Lantz-Brown, Michael Westerberg and Howard Chou at Radisson Hotel Denver - Aurora. Dave Russell July 22, 2018 ·


With Ashley Wheeland, Kristin Mallory, Howard Chou, Jason Crow and Laurie Ritchie.

Left influence

According to Lizeth Chacon:

Last year, community organizing group Colorado People’s Action (CPA), which I serve as executive director, endorsed Jason Crow for Colorado’s 6th District, which covers the eastern part of the Denver metro area. He met with a group of our core leaders monthly during the campaign to discuss issues affecting our community. Throughout those conversations, we saw him significantly strengthen his position in support of immigrant rights.
Now that he’s in the House, we have a commitment to quarterly meetings throughout his term to work together on policy ideas and bring forward community perspectives. If he “forgets” his promises, we are ready to hold him accountable through further meetings, petitions, actions and, if necessary, the 2020 primary.[3]

Council for a Livable World


Jason Crow (D-CO-06) for House was, in 2018, endorsed by the Council for a Livable World.

Jason Crow is running to represent Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District. Crow faces Republican incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman. He has already been endorsed by VoteVets.

Jason served in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and later the 75th Ranger Regiment. He is a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since leaving the Army, Jason has been an outspoken supporter of progressive national security policies.

He spoke at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in support of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” He also represented the Truman National Security Project as a firm supporter of the Iran nuclear agreement. He considers national security a main pillar of his campaign.[4]

Murillo team

Crystal Murillo for Aurora City Council Ward 1 October 24, 2017 ·


MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the phone bankers tonight! YOU! are how we win! #GoVoteAurora Arapahoe Young Dems & not so young dems FTW! — with Jason Crow, Barack Obama, Mike Cervantes, Aly DeWills-Marcano, David Aarestad, Michael Westerberg, Carlton Godofsky, Juan Antonio Marcano, Crystal Murillo, Nick Swanson, Kristin Mallory, Jessica Campbell-Swanson, Bee Jo Janssen Holmgren, Tyler McDermott, Kevin Cox and Lorraine Coombs.