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Esther Wang

Esther Wang



Timmy Lu February 4, 2013 ·

Gangnam Style in the Forbidden City! — with Esther Wang in Beijing.

Left Forum 2009

The Right to the City:

Left Forum 2012

Organizing Asian Communities (Part 2 of Organizing Asian Communities)

Left Forum 2013

Panel Title: From Chinatown to China - Building Grassroots Solidarity through Organizing

Moderator: Helena Wong: CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities


  • Ellen David Friedman: Has just completed her 7th year as a Visiting Scholar at the International Center for Joint Labor Research at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, where she teaches labor studies and is active in various levels of the labor movement.
  • Esther Wang Texas-born writer and organizer based in New York City, currently living on the opposite side of the world in Beijing. Most recently, she was a community organizer with CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, working with Chinese immigrants around issues of housing justice, displacement, and accountable development. Her writing has been published in Left Turn magazine,, and the Austin American-Statesman.
  • Alex Tom: Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco).[1]

Rent Freeze Now!


Lenina Nadal June 17, 2014;

Let's do this. Please share. — with George Ciccariello-Maher, Kate Cavanagh, Claudia Copeland, Maria Elena Perez, Maribel Cordero-Garcia, En Bey, Estevan Lee Roman, Beka Economopoulos, Ejima Baker-Morales, Crecensio Morales, Eulan Atkinson, Heidi Schwa, Stuart Ewen, Teresa Basilio, Jed Brandt, Eric Odell, Brian Hernandez, Christopher Gunderson, Janvieve Williams Comrie, Laurie Davidson, Mark Swier, Ramiro Campos, El Lopex, Jesse Ehrensaft-Hawley, Elisha Miranda, Prof. Antonio Nadal, Digna Sanchez, Elizabeth Walsh, Blandon Casenave, Kazembe Balagun, Dasha Munoz, Caridad De La Luz, Yasmeen Perez, Yvonne Enid Rodriguez-MacDonald, Lilo Carr Rivera, Esther Wang, Stomp Box, Dee PoeticalGenius, Esperanza Martell, Eddy Nelson Rivera, Tamara Czyzyk, Jessica Klonsky, Luz Schreiber, Carlos J. Serrano and Roger Bonair-Agard.