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Eponine Garrod is a Michigan activist.

Running for Congress

My name is Eponine Garrod, and I am running for U.S. House of Representatives in 2018. I am a young female scientist and a progressive democrat. I truly believe that people power is greater than money power, and I’m ready to bring common sense and honesty back to Michigan’s 6th District seat. Please follow my journey here and on social media. Let’s take back our government… together.[1]

DSA congressional candidates


From the Democratic Socialists of America Redditt page

What do y'all think of what is going to happen for the DSA in 2018, and how many of their members will try to become involved in the local and national level?
so far there are 4 DSA members running for the House this election in 2018. (Kaniela Ing, Carlos Rosa, Brianna Westbrook, and Eponine Garrod. and there are a few more who are sympathetic towards DSA)
I believe that we need to keep focusing on Local races more and later we can establish a foothold on the national races later. so this means DSA can remain a sort of Dark-horse organization for the time being, and then jump out and take the National races by storm.

I believe this because if we jump out too soon and get on the National stage, we will begin to lose momentum soon after we gain a good chunk of seats and then begin to weaken after trump is out of office.[2]

SW Michigan Democratic Socialists of America Closed Group


SW Michigan Democratic Socialists Of America Closed Facebook Group, as of August 18, 2017.

This is an organizing committee and the beginning of a new chapter of the DSA for Southwest Michigan. [3]