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Doug McCallum is a New Zealand activist.


McCallum's father was involved in 1951 waterfront lockout & was close to the communist movement. Worked in flour mill, driving jobs, railways. While working as labourer in wood milling section of railways got talking to a Communist Party of New Zealand member and started thinking politically and got involved in unions. Has been to the Soviet Union.

Auckland comrades


Doug McCallum and Odette Shaw.

Auckland comrades march


Wiremu Tautari, Mike Reddington, Andy Aitkenhead, Doug McCallum, Bill Andersen.

Super Liquor dispute


With Bill Andersen, Doug McCallum, Warwick Jones, Steve Faleauto, Peter Devlin and John Duke.

Hikoi to Waitangi


Wally Frederickson's house Tom McLintock, Doug McCallum, Billy Baines, Glenda Hinchey, Pat Shepherd, Bill Andersen, Niko Tangaroa intervened with Titewhai Harawira.

Socialist Bookshops Auckland Limited

Socialist Bookshops Auckland Limited was owned by the Socialist Unity Party, then the Socialist Party of Aotearoa. Incorporation Date 18 February 1990 Dissolution Date 18 November 1996.

Registered Address 159 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Directors / Officers:

Last SUP Central Committee meeting before split

Wellington March 1990.


Back Joe Tepania, Dave Arthur, Alan Ware, Ken Douglas, Graeme Whimp, Richie Gillespie, Doug McCallum, Jan Farr, Joe Tonner.

Front row Frank McNulty, Jack Marston, Marilyn Tucker, Robin Tate, Bruce Skilton, George Jackson, Bill Andersen.

Street and SUP - (un) healthy association

Maryan Street, far right with SUP supporter Paul Blair (left), SUP members Wayne Ruscoe (next left), Joe Tonner (center front), Bill Andersen (next right, rear), Doug McCallum (second to right, front)

In 1989, the People's Voice, the newspaper of the Communist Party of New Zealand, an article was featured in which it was noted that Street was a Health Effectiveness Studies Coordinator, working alongside Socialist Unity Party member Simon Wallace. As part of this article, there was a photograph of her in the company of SUP members.[2]

Union activism

1979 - Chairman of the Otahuhu branch of the National Union of Railwaymen.

1989/90 Regional Co Ordinator NZ CTU Auckland District Council.

1991 - made redundant as Regional Cordinator NZ CTU Auckland.

1992 Aug 23, Frontline reports he is running Pak 'n Save picket in Glen Innes, Auck. NDU. Staff are all anti-union. No mention of communism.

1989 May, CTU spokesman urging unions and community groups to attend mass rally called by Auck Council of TUs to oppose Auck's $46 million health service cuts. [3]


1970s increased union activism at the railways. "I was becoming more involved on the job and with the local branch of the union. Over a 5-year period I was made assistant secretary, then vice-chairman, then secretary and, eventually, branch chairman. We were involved in a number of disputes. Asbestos was one of them. . . I joined the SUP while I was still at the railways." [4]

1981 - Sept., Committee member of Socialist Unity Party's Auckland regional conference.

1982 - Sept 18-19, elected chairman Auckland region SUP at their annual conference. [5].

1983 - chairman Auck regional committee of SUP [6]

1983 - 87 Auckland regional secretary of SUP.

1984 - Dec., National Organiser for SUP .

1988 - Labour Weekend, attended 8th National Conference of SUP. Member Central Committee of SUP.

1989 - on Auckland regional executive of SUP. [7]

1991 - Feb 1, organiser of Auckland march against benefit cuts at which there was big red CPNZ banner "Build a United Front of Labour - Communist Party" and many smaller red flags. Frank Clarke spoke to crowd, also there were Bill Andersen & Sue Bradford.

SAL connections

1978 July 14, NUR vice chairman, wrote letter to Socialist Action League's Socialist Action on 3 years of Muldoon.

1979 July 27, interviewed in Socialist Action League's Socialist Action on the Silver Star railway service being withdrawn.

1979 Sep. 1 Celebrated 10 years of Socialist Action with dinner in Auckland.[8]

Anti Springbok Tour activism

1981 "I was involved in the opposition to the Springboks tour." [9]

1981, last quarter, wrote article in Socialist Politics "The anti-racist movement". A member of MOST.

Unemployed activism

The Auckland Unemployed Workers Union was established by Socialist Unity Party members Doug McCallum, Billy Baines, Simon Wallace, Doreen Suddens and Graeme Whimp.[10]

1983, Aug. 8, full page profile in Tribune "Working for the unemployed". McCallum is married with 2 children, unemployed, working voluntarily for ATC's Unemployed Workers Union. "Through this period [late 70s early 80s] I was finding it increasingly difficult to get a job because I had become identified through my role in the railways, and I remained active in the union movement. I got a job at Mason & Porters through a friend and was subsequently made redundant. After that it became virtually impossible for me to get a job, so I've involved myself in the UWU in Auck, and am actively working in that and will continue to do so."

1983 Nov. 4, Auckland Unemployed Workers Union secretary, one of many unionists listed in Socialist Action as condemning the US invasion of Grenada.

1983-88 contact for Auckland Unemployed Workers Union.

1984 March, Doug McCallum was convenor of 2-day Upper North Island Conference of Unemployed Workers at the Auckland Youth Resource Centre's Marae, organized by Auck UWU. All delegates represented unemployed workers organisations which identified with trade union movement. He saw forming of a regional body of unemployed workers orgs as most important result of conference. Speakers included Bill Andersen, Johnny Mitchell, Maryan Street, Mat Rata, Peter Neilson and Tim Shadbolt.

1984 July 12, AUWU organises demonstration against National Party at Muldoon's Auckland election meeting.

1984, late July or early August, speaker for AUWU at rally for the unemployed held at Beachhaven Residents Hall. He told unemployed that "their situation would be impossible unless a Labour Government is elected." [11]

1984 July 12, speaker for AUWU at rally for the unemployed held at New Lynn Community Centre. Others were Bill Andersen, Jack Elder and reps from CSU & CBU.

1988 Oct 10-Nov 2, involved in organising March Against Unemployment in North Island.

1988 - "DMc" on proposed membership list SUP Unemployment Commission.[12]

1988 - on SUP Unemployment Commission. convenor.[13]

1989 - on SUP Unemployment Commission.

1989 - Nov. 27, wrote article in Tribune "North survives on welfare", on Northland's unemployment plight.

Election work

1983 - wrote article on the ARA in Tribune [Oct 3]. Above his article was a slogan for the local body elections: "Vote for Socialist Unity Party and Labour Party candidates".

1984 after announcement of snap election worked full time in National Office of SUP for the period of the election. Continued part-time afterwards, and part time for Auckland Region.

Soviet trip

30.4.1984 n George Jackson wrote letter to Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

"We thank you for the invitation to send 4 mid level cadres to the USSR to study CPSU leadership at the levels closest to workers"

They are Jan Farr, Richie Gillespie, Lesley Douglas and Doug McCallum.

"Douglas McCallum-Regional Cttee Chairman, Chairman of Unemployed workers organisation, trade-blacksmith" All but Farr arrive on the 8th May by SU 558.

Review of "Shadows"

1985 Sept. 30, McCallum, wrote book review in Tribune on anti-communist book "Shadows Over New Zealand". "This is a book to be taken seriously by all progressive people."

Australian visit

June 1986 attended Youth Socialist League of Australia Congress. [14] 1989 May, CTU spokesman urging unions and community groups to attend mass rally called by Auck Council of TUs to oppose Auck's $46 million health service cuts. [Press 25 May]

Anti NLP

1989 May 29, wrote letter to Tribune on the formation of the New Labour Party and its negative effect on working class unity. "We must use all the treasures of the Marxist/Leninist storehouse to confront this real and developing situation."


1990 - resigned from SUP to join Socialist Party of Aotearoa, age 35 , was SUP Auckland Regional Secretary, was in SUP 14 years.

1992 June, Secretary, SPA. [15]

Railways communists

Auckland SPA wrote the local CTU May Day Committee re holding a function for all former employees of the Otahuhu Railways workshops which was recently banged shut by Railcorp. The Shops has been the venue of much communist and progressive activity for many years and was the forum for debate and activity by long serving communists including George Jackson, the late Len Reid, Terry Knobbs, Steve Hieatt, Ray Gough, Doug McCallum, Mike Reddington, The late Tom Gale, Matiu Rata and many others. [16]

Progressive Coalition

2002 - on Progressive Coalition Parliamentary list.



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