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Dakotah Lilly and his writings have been featured on CounterPunch, Telesur, Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, and elsewhere. He has appeared on Fox News to talk about the current political climate of Venezuela. He is especially interested in Latin American politics and international implementations of Socialism. He is the co-founder of Students and Youth for a New America .[1][2]


Paul Laurion August 18, 2015:


With Travis Reid, Betsy Avila, Adam Cardo, Paul Bedard, Henry D. Brown, Dakotah Lilly, Leah Terry, Mel Ody, Madeleine Kahnchlin, Natalie Midiri and Jack Suria Linares.

Defending Maduro


Dakotah Lilly of Students and Youth for a New America appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on May 15, 2017, to voice his support for the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela March 2018

Dakotah Lilly March 12, 2018 near Caracas, Venezuela.


Linda Sobeh Ali, the Palestinian ambassador to Venezuela and I. Proud to have met a deserving representative of Palestine. Venezuela and Palestine are united in fighting the plagues of racism, exclusion, and terrorism conducted against the Venezuelan and Palestinian people’s.


Venezuelan connection

Students and Youth for a New America June 3, 2017.


SYNA organizers Dakotah Lilly and Dyln Namm with Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN Rafael Carreno, and Solidarity Activist William Camacaro, and journalist Caleb Maupin.

Young comrades

Dakotah Lilly February 2, 2018:


Really great day. Glad we finally got to meet Trevor 🙂 more memories to come no doubt 😊 💕✊🏼✊🏼 — with Dyln Namm, Trevor Hill at New York University.

SYNA recruiting

On April 8th, 2017 in Union Square SYNA activists Caleb Maupin, Dakotah Lilly, Dyln Namm and Nick Maniace were hard at work handing out flyers, talking to New Yorkers about Syria, the United States government, and politics in general, selling the book “What’s next for the Political Revolution”, and otherwise recruiting members for SYNA. Hundreds of flyers were given out and the overall consensus of the public varied from saying the United States of America needs to keep its military out of foreign countries affairs, to fully supporting the United States and its foreign policy. Overall the day was a huge success for the Students and Youth for a New America as we made many contacts from nearby colleges and other interested individuals.[3]

In Sochi


In October 2017 Caleb Maupin and Dakotah Lilly were at the World Federation of Democratic Youth festival in Sochi Russia.