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Template:TOCnestleft The following are affiliated with the Communist Party USA.

Birthday Greetings to Gus Hall

The following contributors to the World 1996 Fund Drive sent birthday greetings to Gus Hall, national chair, Communist Party USA.[1]

Solomon Leake Judith Le Blanc Angy Lebowitz Sophia Levinson Virginia Lewis Mary Licht Chris Lindberg Betty Liveright and Herman Liveright Stephen Livingstone Terry Loewen Dr Sol Londe Longshore Friends of Harry Bridges Cassie Lopez Juan Lopez Henry Lowendorf Tom Lupher Bill Mackolvich Michael Madden Maine/NH/Vermont Friends of the PWW Dave Mallisk Max Mamet B.J. Mangaoang Al Marder Sam Margulies Carole Marks Milada Marsalka Scott Marshall Bob Martin Frank Martin del Campo Maryland Friends of the PWW Claudia Massa Tony Massa Massachusetts State Committee, CPUSA Jerry Mayland Kelly McConnel Larry McGurty Victor Merrone George Meyers Miami, Florida Progressive Movement Michigan District, CPUSA Michigan Friends of the PWW Mid-Hudson Club, CPUSA Sarah Milgram Minnesota/Dakota Friends of the PWW Minnesota family of Gus Hall A Minnesota lumberjack David Mirtz Missouri Friends of PWW Missouri-Kansas District, CPUSA Diane Mohney Brick Moir Robert E. Moir Sal Monteiro Elena Mora Sally Morillas Esther Moroze Mt. Airy Club, PA, CPUSA David Muga Rick Nagin Martha Namerow Hellen Nelson Kenneth B. Nelson Lonnie Nelson Norman Nelson Lillian Neumann Natalie Newhoff New Jersey District, CPUSA New Jersey Friends of PWW New Mexico Friends of the PWW New York District, CPUSA New York Friends of the PWW NYC public worker Evelyn Nichols Cynthia Nordone Northern California District, CPUSA Northern California Friends of the PWW Frank Novick Selma Novick Oakland Club, CPUSA Elizabeth Oesterman Ohio District, CPUSA Ohio Friends of the PWW Mabel Owen and Roger Owen Jose Palacios Ann Pallotta John Pappademos Chris Paris Arlinda Parr Jessie Parra Leroy Parra Louise Parry Will Parry Pat and Ross Bob Patenaude Joe Pavesic Art Perlo Victor Perlo and Ellen Perlo Jenn Perna Rookie Perna Jesse Petrich James Pfeiffer Portland Club (OR), CPUSA Gary Prince William Prutzer Public School Workers Club, Chicago, CPUSA Adanjesus Quavez R. & H. (Ca) Jason Rabinowitz Noel Rabinowitz Bev Rader Roger Rader Armando Ramirez Abba Ramos Carol Ramos Maria Ramos N. Rand John Randolph Carl Ranta and Nell Ranta Ann Reeve David Reid Steve Regalado and Flo Regalado Lewis Reilly Justo Reyes Rhode Island Friends of the PWW Thorun Robel Art Rodriguez

Supporting the Wheeling-Pittsburgh Strikers

In the June 14, 1997 edition of People's Weekly World the following sent their support to the 4500 members of the United Steelworkers of America who have been on strike against the Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation since October 1, 1996:[2]

May Day Cinco de Mayo Greetings

1999 May Day Greetings toGeorge Meyers

The following May Day greeting to George A. Meyers was included in the Special May Day 1999 Supplement of the People's Weekly World.[3]


The following May Day greeting was included in the Special May Day 1999 Supplement of the People's Weekly World.[4]



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