Chicago Communist Party

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Chicago Communist Party


The Communist Party of Chicago has long been one of its strongest in terms of numbers of members and supporters, as well as fundraisers for the CPUSA and its various-named newspapers. The conjunction of the railroad, slaughterhouses, other major industries,and immigrant group influxes made Chicago a nature place for the CPUSA to build up their organization. They particularly targeted the newly formed unions in the 1900's, of which more will be written on later.

Memorial Services for Karlin Flory

When Karlin Flory, the son of the former chairman of the Illinois District of the Communist Party USA, Ishmael Flory passed away, a memorial service was held for him on January 5, 1985.[1]. He was described in the article as "A Daily World supporter, Flory began circulating the paper in the early days of Operation Breadbasket, which later became Operation PUSH", and had participated in many activities for peace and equality."

Those in attendance at the memorial represented the cream of the Illinois Communist Party and more specifically, the Chicago Communist Partyand their supporters. (There may have been some personal acquaintances/family friends who were not involved in the Party).

Attendees were:

Speakers were:

Musical Tributes were sung by:

Eulogy was read by:

"Chicago unionists announce program for rank and file educational fund"

Source: Daily World, April 27, 1972, p. 9

Trade Union Education Fund 343 S. Dearborn, Room 602 Chicago, Ill, 60604 (312) 922-2540

Taxpayers protest in Civic Center Plaza, April 1973

An interesting captioned photograph appeared in the "Daily World" of April 19, 1973 about a "taxpayers' protest" in downtown Chicago. What is worthy to note about this rally is how the CPUSA managed to insert itself and its members/fronts into this affair, which was actually a standard operating procedure (SOP) for them.

The photo showed a number of speakers at the protest including leftist U.S. Senator Dick Clark D-IA with the following detailed caption story.

"Sen. Dick Clark [{D-IA]] addresses taxpayers' protest rally in Civic Center Plaza in Chicago's Loop, one of dozens of such rallies across the country on Monday. To Clark's right, Mrs.Gail Cincotta, chairman, Chicago Tax Coalition; to his right, 46th Ward Alderman Chris Cohen. Clark proposed campaign contribution disclosures and an end to corporate tax exemptions. Other speakers included:

"Sponsors included the:


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