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Carolina Bortolleto is a Connecticut activist. Communications and Grant Manager at CT Students for a Dream. Lives in Danbury, Connecticut.


  • Studied Biology at Western Connecticut State University
  • Went to Danbury High School


NARAL Pro-Choice Brunch


State Senator Julie Kushner May 5 2019·

The NARAL Pro-Choice Brunch was fantastic! Polly Moran and Sarah Croucher pulled it all together Karen and Tom’s beautiful home lent itself to an amazing table of culinary delights prepared by Party Chair, Nancy Wyman, Congressmember Jahana Hayes and me and my Legislative colleagues. Thank you to Kate Johnson and Camila and Carolina Bortolleto for making the trip. This is the year we will make things happen! We will never go back!

Supporting Julie Kushner

Sarah Passell October 7, 2018.


Lovely group shot, featuring many people who've been working their tails off. — with Senator Richard Blumenthal, Josh Gilbert, Camila Bortolleto, Carolina Bortolleto, Julie Kushner, Joe DaSilva, Andrea Gartner, Christina Schlosser Sweeney and Cyndie McGuire.

Jahana Hayes connection

Jahana Hayes February 1 2019.


Jahana Hayes with Camila Bortolleto and Carolina Bortolleto.

Team Jahana volunteers

Gina Atanasoff ‎Danbury Area Team Jahana November 4, 2018 ·


VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Our favorite warrior activists knocked on 230 doors this weekend and still made the time to come in and phone bank! Thanks for all you do! Camila Bortolleto Carolina Bortolleto (also special thanks to Kate Conetta for making calls and treating for dinner!

Western CT DSA Medicare for All Working Group


Members of the Western Connecticut Democratic Socialists Medicare for All Working Group Working Group closed Facebook group for Nov 4th Medicare for all event, as of October 15, 2017 included Carolina Bortolleto.[1]

Socialist Action Forum

Socialist Action Forum: After the Women’s March on Washington Which Way Forward?

Friday, March 24 2017

@7pm 1106 New Britain Ave (Gain Access Via South Quaker Ln to Burgoyne Street) West Hartford, Connecticut 06110

The massive response to the call for a women’s marchon Washington has raised hopes that we finally have the capacity to build a powerful mass movement, a mass movement that can defend and advance therights and economic conditions of women and children, especially from the communities most victimized by racism, Islamophobia, and chauvinism. What should our priorities be? What kind of movement do we need? What would women’s full liberation look like? Join us for a discussion of perspectives.