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CAIR - Washington


Board of Directors

Anti "Muslim ban" rally

The afternoon of June 26 2018, saw hundreds of activists and protesters gathered together at multiple events in the heart of downtown Seattle to denounce the cruel, xenophobic and Islamophobic immigration policies of the Trump Administration.

One demonstration, held in front of the William K. Nakamura federal courthouse, was called by the Council on American Islamic Relations in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling that upheld the constitutionality of Trump’s ban on travel to and from seven countries, including five with a majority Muslim population, deemed to be hostile to the United States.

Speakers included CAIR Civil Rights Director Jasmin Samy and Muslim Association of Puget Sound-American Muslim Empowerment Network Executive Director Aneelah Afzali, as well as representatives from a variety of other organizations.

Just a few blocks away activists and friends rallied at the privately owned building that houses the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) court to support local activist Maru Mora-Villalpando in her struggle against deportation. Mora, herself a prominent activist in the fight against the for-profit Northwest Detention Center.[1]




Hosted by CAIR - Washington

If you're ready to keep working to end anti-Muslim hate and bullying by getting lawmakers to stand publicly and vocally with Muslim families and children, and changing the way mainstream media editors cover our communities, this is for YOU!

You and your family and friends (especially middle & high school students, as well as couples and families with kids) from the Spokane area are invited to attend a breakfast, training and meetings with Senator Patty Murray’s Central WA Outreach Director Raquel Crowley, Benton County Democrat Party Chair Jay Clough, and others, from 5:30pm to 9pm on Friday, Nov. 6, 2015 at Islamic Center of Tri-Cities (ICTC) 2900 Bombing Range Road, West Richland, WA. [3]

Banquet volunteers


Volunteers in action at CAIR-WA 2017 Fundraising Banquet & Awards;

Our Event Leadership Lead event planner: Laila Almounaier Publicity team lead: Awaiz Mohammed Event planning and staffing team members: Abdul Kassamali, Abdul Rehman Younus, Abubaker Syed, Abu Bakr Jarju, Afshan Khan, Ahamed Kannanari, Ahmad Alkabra, Dr. Ahmed Ali, Ahmed Gaya, Ahmed Idrees, Aisha Salman, Aiya Siddig, Amin Stankovski, Amina Najam, Amir Yousuf, Aneelah Afzali, Anita Sulaiman, Ata Bhatti, Awais Mohammad, Ayah Idris, Ayoob Siddick, Azeem Syed, Azhar Basit, Basit Khan, Imam Benjamin Shabbaz, Bilal Ghouse, Danish Bashar, Denis Stankovski, Difa Aminy, Dina Al-Bassyouni, Duha Mohamed, Elevy San, Emad Ghouse, Emahd Khan, Emily Kutzler, Faisal Aminy, Faiz Khan, Fatemah Bannazadeh, Fauzia Lala, Fethya Ibrahim, Guled Ali, Haashim Ameer, Hakim Halimun, Hamdi Mohamed, Hassan Hatem, Haykal Mubin, Hikma Sherka, Humza Ghouse, James Maher, Jasmin Samy, Jonathan Reasor, Joseph Lachman, Jenny Yang, Kanwal Yousuf, Kazi Al-Rashid, Kito Pham, Laila Almounaier, Laura Crandall, Leslie Hoge, Mahad Shakil, Manar Al-Qawasmeh, Maria Islam, Mariama Jawara, Marwa Almusawi, Maryam Qawasmeh, McKenna Lux, Megan Fair, Mikail McCauley, Misha Ali, Mitha Wardhani, Mohamed Bakr, Mohammad Dhar, Mohammad Kaddoura, Moumin Gani, Mubarak Elamin, Muhammad Shakil, Muntadher Alghanim, Muntaser Ahmed, Nihal Fahim, Nina Soerakoesoemah, Olivia Reese, Omar Khalid, Quais Afzali, Dr. Raza Mustafa, Reyan, Rokaih Vansot, Rufi Malllick, Rukeya Yassen, Saad Farooq, Sabika Makhdoom, Sabina Makhdoom, Saffiyah Hrahsheh, Sammy Zeer, Samy Khessib, Sandra Youssef, Sarah Vansot, Sarfaraz Reddy, Sarosh Anwar, Sovannaroth Kan, Tarek Dawoud, Tariq Yusuf, Umer Zakaria, Usama Janjua, Yoko Gardiner, Yosef Al-Hanaya, Yusuf Hamid, Zafaruddin Mohammed, Zarby Kakar, among many others.


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