Barry Bluestone

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Barry Bluestone

Barry Alan Bluestone is currently the director of the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University and also founding dean of its School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. He has served as a member of the senior policy staff of Congressman Richard Gephardt. Among his many accomplishments he was the Founding Director of U.Mass.-Boston’s Ph.D. Program in Public Policy.[1]

Students for a Democratic Society

In 1962, Detroit UAW official Mildred Jeffrey arranged[2]for her daughter, Sharon, and a group of politically active University of Michigan students, including Tom Hayden, to use an UAW camp[3]on Lake Huron. The students issued the Port Huron Statement, the founding document of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

When SDS was formed, the children of United Auto Workers staff attending the University of Michigan played an important role[4]in forming one of SDS's first and strongest branches. They included Sharon Jeffrey, daughter of UAW official Millie Jeffrey, Leslie Woodcock, daughter of UAW vice president Leonard Woodcock and Barry Bluestone, son of Irving Bluestone, Reuther's key administrative assistant in the 1960s.

Union for Radical Political Economics

In 1968, Barry Bluestone was a founding member of the Union for Radical Political Economics, an alternative professional organization for left political economists and an intellectual home for academics, policy-makers, and activists.[5]


In 1980, Barry Bluestone traveled with a delegation to Cuba.

Recommended appointees for a new Administration

In the 1988 book "Winning America: Ideas and Leadership for the 1990s" edited by Marcus Raskin, Chester Hartman, Sean Gervasi recommended Barry Bluestone, Gar Alperovitz, Donald Harris, Robert Browne, Jeff Faux, Carol O'Cleireacain, Jamie Galbraith, Howard Wachtel, Bennet T. Harrison, Michael Tanzer and Arthur MacEwan as recommended appointees for a new Administration page 24, 25).

Campaign for America's Future

In 1996 Barry Bluestone, Northeastern University, Boston was one of the original 130 founders of Campaign for America's Future.[6]

DSA connection

In 2001, Boston Democratic Socialists of America held monthly talks on different aspects of the global economy bring in 40 to 60 people. Presentations included economist Barry Bluestone on “Wall Street vs. Main Street;” a discussion of genetic engineering and corporate agriculture; and a meeting on “Global Warming: the Heat Is On.”[7]

Economic Policy Institute

Barry Bluestone serves[8]on the Board of Directors of the Lawrence Mishel led Economic Policy Institute. Northeastern University.