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Barbara R. Bergmann

Center for Democratic Values conference

The Center for Democratic Values, the think-tank project of Democratic Socialists of America, held its first national conference, "Arguing with the Right," November 6-7 1997 at the Clarion Hotel Columbus Ohio, in conjunction with the DSA national convention[1].

The conference will include historical and analytical sessions, plus skills workshops for contesting the Right's current dominance of American political discussion.

1:30 Issue Workshops: The Right's Key Ideas and the Left's Responses

A. Affirmative Action: Barbara Bergmann and James Upton (Ohio State University)

B. Arguing for Public Schools: Mary Jean Collins and Mary Jo Kilroy (Columbus Board of Education)[2].

Child Care advocate

In 2002, Barbara R. Bergmann was Professor Emerita of Economics at American University. In addition to her work on child care and the author of "Is Social Security Broke? A Cartoon Guide to the Issues". As such, she wrote a column for Democratic Socialists of America's Democratic Left, Summer 2002 "Affordable Quality Child Care: An Unmet Need".[3]