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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' studies at [[Boston College]].
*Went to McQuaid Jesuit High School
*Went to Siena Catholic Academy
==YDSA of Boston College==
==YDSA of Boston College==

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Andrew Vaccaro studies at Boston College.


  • Went to McQuaid Jesuit High School
  • Went to Siena Catholic Academy

YDSA of Boston College


YDSA of Boston College· September 4, 2017 ·

Check out tonight's nightly news to see our very own Andrew Vaccaro talking about #15andaUnion!!!

YDS leaders

Young Democratic Socialists - Leaders is a closed Facebook group for leaders of their Young Democratic Socialists chapters.

As of September 30, 2017, members included Andrew Vaccaro.[1]

Boston YDSA

Members of Boston Young Democratic Socialists of America Chapters closed Facebook group, as of September 3, 2017 included Andrew Vaccaro.[2]