Alexandra Toma

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Alexandra Toma

Template:TOCnestleft Alexandra I. Toma currently resides in Washington, DC and has been involved in peace and security work for over twelve years.[1]

Africa Center for Strategic Studies

Toma worked at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies at the National Defense University, where she assisted in developing civil-military programs for sub-Saharan Africa.[2]

Working for Congressman Stephen Lynch

Toma was the Foreign Policy and Defense Advisor for Congressman Stephen Lynch, Democrats, Massachussetts where she led the effort to secure $5 million in funding for landmine removal.[3]

Ploughshares Fund

Toma works for the Ploughshares Fund, a partner organization of the Institute for Policy Studies where she is the director of the Peace and Security Initiative, a collaborative of more than 200 advocacy organizations, grassroots groups, think tanks, academics, and funders who work together to increase their capacity to influence U.S. policy to promote a more secure, peaceful and just world.[4]

Connect U.S. Fund

Toma serves as Program Director for the Connect U.S. Fund.[5]

Project for Nuclear Awareness

The Project for Nuclear Awareness has sponsored Toma to speak at major national conferences.[6]

Africa Action involvement

In 2009, Alexandra Toma was listed on the Board of Directors for Africa Action.[7]

Truman National Security Project

As at September 8, 2010, Alexandra Toma served as a fellow for the Truman National Security Project.[8] The project is an organization that seeks to recruit, train and elect progressives who will impact on National Security legislation.