Alan Ware

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Alan Ware

Alan Ware is a New Zealand activist. Married to Janette Kelly.


Went to Greymouth High School.

Last SUP Central Committee meeting before split

Wellington March 1990.


Back Joe Tepania, Dave Arthur, Alan Ware, Ken Douglas, Graeme Whimp, Richie Gillespie, Doug McCallum, Jan Farr, Joe Tonner.

Front row Frank McNulty, Jack Marston, Marilyn Tucker, Robin Tate, Bruce Skilton, George Jackson, Bill Andersen.

NDU comrades

NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories March 5, 2015 ·

Photo of Northern Distribution Workers Union officials circa mid 1980s.


Back row left: Dale Frew Hamilton, Jack Cunningham Hamilton, Colleen Ryan Gisborne, Mike Jackson Auckland, Lance Wardlaw Hamilton, Rose Sievers-Brietler Rotorua, Owen Harvey Auckland, Neil O'Neill Tauranga, Bob Taylor Gisborne, Matt Wiringi,?? Dick Davis Tauranga, Graeme Whimp Auckland, James Ritchie Hamilton, Alan Ware Hamilton.

SUP comrades and friend


Malcolm Arnold, Alan Ware, Mike Jackson, Rob Campbell.


1988 - AW convenor on proposed membership list SUP Finance Commission. [1]



Mike Jackson, Steve O'Reilly and Alan Ware, Yalta 1986.


In late 1983 Jim Thomson spent 3 months in Moscow in a delegation led by Alan Ware, with John Van de Ven and Peter Devlin.

Auckland comrades


Owen Harvey, Alan Ware, Tommo Thompson and Graeme Whimp.


Alan Ware spent time in Chile in the early 1970s.



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