37th Venceremos Brigade

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37th Venceremos Brigade


Havana, July 15 (RHC)-The US solidarity group, the Venceremos Brigade, has condemned Bush's plans to destroy the Cuban Revolution.

Members of the 48-member solidarity group, Maria Garcia, Mireya Gomez-Gutierrez and JoJo Farrell, told the press in Havana, that the group wanted to express its opposition to the US president's approval of the so-called, Bush Plan, for Cuba. The The 37th contingent of the Venceremos educational and solidarity group is winding up a two-week visit to the island.

A press release says that the Venceremos brigade represents 9,000 US citizens who have travelled to Cuba with the group since 1969 and tens of thousands of others who have visited the island without seeking permission from the US government..

Maria Garcia charged that the Bush plan is a violation of international law.

Contingent member, JoJo Farrell of San Francisco, noted that the group has come to Cuba in the wake of increased harassment by Washington in the past year including fining people who travelled to Cuba thousands of dollars. [1]

New Mexico group

In July, 2006, a group of five activists from Albuquerque went to Cuba for two weeks with the 37th contingent of the Venceremos Brigade. Raices Collective (radio station) members Steven Emmons and Louis Head, along with community organizers Elisa Pintor, Alejandra Maroquin-Flores, and Rosina Roibal took part.[2]