'84 Mobilization for Peace and Justice

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'84 Mobilization for Peace and Justice

Letter to Samaranch

The '84 Mobilization for Peace and Justice, penned a July 25, 1984 letter to Dr. Juan Antonio Samaranch and Members of the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Headquarters Biltmore Hotel 515 S. Olive St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

We wish to express our outrage at the statements made by members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in support of the Racist Apartheid Regime of South Africa, which is seeking to regain membership of the IOC. Morever we think that appropriate measures should be taken to hasten Mr. Roby's planned retirement and to replace Mr. Roosevelt as members of the IOC.

We are referring to statements by two members of the IOC, Julian Roosevelt and Douglas Roby, as reported in the San Jose Mercury July 2, 1984 and the LA Times July 3, 1984 as follows: Julian Roosevelt: " My personal position is that they should be readmitted. People are confusing politics with sports. To the best of my knowledge, apartheid has been all but eliminated from sports in South Africa. In fact, there is probably less discrimination in sports in South Africa than in the United States or the Soviet Union. They have a great sports program. They probably have some world class swimmers. I was particularly impressed with the black swimmers because blacks generally don't like to swim ... they don't like the water." Douglas Roby: "They have racially mixed competition there now. I know the head of the South African Olympic Committee, and I think they are doing a good job of getting things straighten out."

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