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DSOC Youth

Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee's first youth organizer was Cynthia Ward, a former student at the University of Chicago. Other key leaders included Joseph Schwartz, Mark Levinson, Jeremy Karpatkin and Penny Schantz.[1]

DSOC national officers

Following a convention decision to expand the number of at-large seats on the national board and to elect eight men and eight women to those seats, a serious political campaign to win those seats took place. Harrington termed this development .. a sign of the growing political strength of Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee. The at-large members of the new board will form its executive committee, which also includes DSOC's national officers.

Elected to at-large seats were: (men) Greg Akili (San Diego), Harry Boyte (Minneapolis), Jim Chapin, Jack Clark and Frank Lugovina (New York City), Roger Robinson (Detroit), Jim Wallace (Washington, D.C.), and George Wood (Champaign-Urbana); (women) Jeanne Kettelson and Mary Roodkowsky (Boston), Nancy Kleniewski (Philadelphia), Nancy Lieber (Sacramento-Davis), Marjorie Phyfe (New York City), Trudy Robideau (San Diego), Nancy Shier (Chicago) and Cynthia Ward (Stony Brook, Long Island) . [2]

DSA Feminist Commission

In 1985[3] and 1986,[4] Cynthia Ward of New York was listed as a member of the Feminist Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Foundation

As of 2011, the following served on the board of the Commonwealth Foundation;[5]



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