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Young Democratic Socialists at PLNU is a Young Democratic Socialists based at Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego.[1]


The Young Democratic Socialists at PLNU (YDS-PLNU) is one of the newest chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in the United States. Because of the faith-based community at PLNU and its emphasis on combining thought with action through on- and off-campus ministry programs, students here have the unique opportunity to be able to engage with and support their community in meaningful ways and reflect the ideals characteristic of democratic socialism.
YDS chapters and members are encouraged to pursue and promote a democratic socialist political education and participate in social justice activism, often taking part in anti-war, labor and student-issue marches and rallies.

The DSA does not run its own candidates in elections, but instead "fights for reforms... that will weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of working people". These reforms include decreasing the influence of money in politics, empowering ordinary people in workplaces and within the economy, and restructuring gender and cultural relationships to be more equitable. Additionally, this group would also seek to create institutional change within Point Loma's administration to reflect a more modern and active interpretation of Christianity.[2]

YDS at PLNU public Facebook group


Young Democratic Socialists at PLNU pulic Facebook group, as of September 3, 2017;[3]


  • Ged Valenzuela, Point Loma Nazarene University, Created group on February 8, 2017