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Yoko Liriano

Yoko Liriano is a New York City activist.


Yoko Liriano has been a NYC transplant from Hawaii since 2008. She is the Citywide Director of Teen Programs at the YMCA of Greater New York. Her portfolio includes overseeing all of the teen civic engagement, leadership development, character development and drop-in programs offered at 21 NYC branches and all of the YMCA middle school and high school sites—serving almost 5,000 teens. Yoko has been working for the Y in this capacity for one year, and has experience as a teen advisor and coordinator at the Bronx YMCA, serving the branch and two middle schools for 4 years prior to her current position. Yoko has always been passionate about helping others, having started volunteering for community organizations since 8th grade. During her tenure at the YMCA, she uses her lifelong dedication to community impact by doing extensive training in cultural competency awareness, attended conferences on behalf of the NYC Y as a Global Center of Excellence, facilitated national webinars on diversity and inclusion, and has just been accepted to the YUSA National Steering Committee for the GLBT Staff Resource Network.[1]

Yoko Liriano is the Coordinator of New York Committee for Human Rights in the\Philippines (NYCHRP), a member organization of BAYAN USA and NAFCON. Yoko has been an organizer since 2009 as a volunteer with CAAAV. In 2010, Yoko interned with Karapatan, a militant human rights alliance ln the Philippines to document political repression in rural areas. In NYC, she uses these experiences in her organizing- including language and culture to uphold and demand for the rlghts and welfare of the Filipino community.[2]

New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines

In 2012 Yoko Liriano was a leader of the New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines.

Left Forum 2012

Organizing Asian Communities (Part 2 of Organizing Asian Communities)

Corky Gonzalez tribute

500 Years of Chicano History June 18, 2013;


Happy 85th birthday Rodolfo Gonzales! Corky and the Crusade for Justice fought for community in Denver and his legacy lives on in the city today! The gente in Denver are in the middle of a fight to get a new Library named in honor of the author/poet/ community organizer. Among his many accomplishments Corky is a recent inductee to the Colorado Sports Hall of Game for his professional boxing career. Que Viva Corky! — with Maclovio Maki Lucero, Nita Gonzales, Jesus De Los Santos, Baba Zayid, Cami Wengler Vignoe, Fanny Guadalupe, Jonna Baldres, Sandra Bazan-Molnar, Ken Brown, Baub Bidon, Archie Barnes-Bey, Jesse J. Martinez, Alex Martinez, Ingrid S. Hill, Junior Martinez, D. Martinez Rodriguez, Bernadette Ellorin, Erik Sorensen-Braasch, Carolyn Kenny, Tanisha Jacob, Kazembe Balagun, Daniel Adrian Santiago, Ngoma Hill, Sandra Mistretta, Roxana Zavala Marroquin, Lawrence Hamm, Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki Niumeitolu, Yoko Liriano and Yves Nibungco.

"Morales / Shakur Center" student suspensions event

On October 28, 2013, a City College administrator suspended Tafadar Sourov and Khalil Vasquez, two students who led demonstrations against the administration’s illegal raid and seizure of the Guillermo Morales / Assata Shakur Community Center. The Morales / Shakur Center is a space that has existed at City College for more than 20 years and was first won in 1989 through a mass student strike and occupations throughout CUNY.

In response to the attacks on our student leaders, students and community say: WE ARE NOT AFRAID. Repression will not end the campaign to save the Morales / Shakur Center or the broader struggle to liberate CUNY for the people. Hundreds on campus and in the community will follow their example. Any punitive measures against Taffy and Khalil will only be a lesson to the people that the CCNY administration dismisses the people’s concerns and that the people must escalate their mass actions.
Taffy and Khalil are fighting for the people, defending the last autonomous campus space that serves the community and defending the legacy of the people’s revolutionary heroes. THE PEOPLE MUST DEFEND TAFFY AND KHALIL. The people cannot stand aside and look as the City College administration attempts to isolate them and promote fake sellout student leaders who want to negotiate away the Center. The Center was won through struggle and will be reclaimed through struggle.

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee organized a meeting in Edgewater, 160 Convent Avenue,New York, Friday 8 November 2013, to organize resistance. Those indicating their willingness to attend on the Whenever website included Yoko Liriano.[3]

March for Gaza


August 2, 2014 Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee and Sistas and Brothas United arrive in Washington DC before the national march for Gaza begins. Revolutionary students call for Palestinian national liberation, the right of return and the democratic right for Palestinians to control all of their land from the river to the sea. — with Anjed Eloued, Fernando Carlo, Crystal Reyes, Wahid Shabazz, Yoko Liriano, Christine Rodriguez, Tafadar Sourov and Meli LaSalle.