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Yahaira Carrillo Rosales is mexicana, queer and chingona. She was born in Michoacán, México and has spent the majority of her life in Kansas City where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Language & Literature. Yahaira has been organizing for social justice through community, policy & creative interventions since 2007. She believes that individuals affected by social (in)justice issues should share rich complex stories through organizing and art. She currently lives in Oakland where she spends her days learning about herbalism, playing with Luna (her chihuahua), writing and thinking about how her writing will live.

Out to Win!


Editors of Issue 1 of Out to Win! included:

Ying-sun Ho, N'Tanya Lee, Mike Leyba, Wende Marshall, Milena Velis, Steve Williams

Spanish translation:

Yahaira Carrillo Rosales, Alex Deane, Rubi Hurta, Luis Lopez, Florencia Manovil, Alejandra Marroquin, Marisol Ocampo, Graciela Viturro

Design: Josh Warren-White.