Woodrow Stanley

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Woodrow Stanley

Sharing a stage with Van Jones

"Green jobs pioneer" and former communist Van Jones was the keynote speaker for the 4th annual Michigan Summit on June 12,2010 headlining a day-long event focusing on key issues and policy reforms for Michigan. Jones was a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, a leading Washington, DC-based think tank. other speakers included Flint Mayor Dayne Walling; Dan Kildee, President of Community Progress; Representative Rashida Tlaib; Representative Sarah Roberts; Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton; Representative Woodrow Stanley; Representative Kate Segal.[1]

Michigan Legislative Black Caucus

Woodrow Stanley served as chairperson of the 2011-2012 Michigan Legislative Black Caucus. The Caucus is "committed to ensuring that all citizens of our state have equal opportunities," and includes members of both the state Senate and the state House of Representatives.[2]