Women for Racial and Economic Equality

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Women for Racial and Economic Equality' was a Communist Party USA front which is the U.S, affiliate of the Soviet-controlled Women's International Democratic Federation.[1]

Communist Party "intermediate form"

This organization was one of several new issue fronts created by the Communist Party USA CPUSAin the 1970's to expand their areas/subjects of infiltration and propagandizing. WREE was a wholly CPUSA-created and controlled organization though it used not-yet-identified leftist women as front figures. However, a look at their CPUSA-front support records left no doubt that they were knowingly working for the Party even if they were not covert members.

In 2010, Angelo D'Angelo, Ed Wlody and Kevin Keating wrote a paper for consideration at the Communist Party USA's 29th National Convention, entitled "To Build Our Party — Rebuild Left and Intermediate Forms" calling for the re-establishment of party "intermediate forms".[2]

In the past, the Party helped to launch left and intermediary forms. Many will remember their initials: NAIMSAL (National Anti-imperialist Movement in Solidarity with African Liberation), WREE (Women for Racial and Economic Equality), TUAD (Trade Unionists for Action and Democracy), USPC (the US Peace Council, an affiliate of the World Peace Council), NAARPR (National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, "The Alliance") and others.

NYC WREE-Sponsored Meeting

According to a short article in the CPUSA newspaper Daily World, Sept. 27, 1980, "Report on Women's Parley", WREE was sponsoring a meeting in New York City featuring "a report back, this Sunday, on the July United Nations Mid-Decade Women's Conference and Forum held in Copenhagen."

"Reports will be presented by six women who attended the conference. They are:

"The program will also feature poetry reading by Bernadine and dance performances by Beti Garcia and Ruth Kornesaroff. The meeting, organized by WREE, is set for Sept. 28 at 3 p.m. in the Green Room of 13 Astor Place District 65 UAW District 65. A $2 contribution ($1 unemployed) is being asked."

Key people

Chicago leaders: May 5 1981 letter to Chicago WREE supporters, signed by;

WREE national mailing list April 1982:

March 8, 1982 letter to Chicago WREE supporters, signed by;

First Annual Fannie Lou Hammer Awards Dinner

According to an article, "Plan award's dinner to honor activists", Daily World, Feb. 19, 1983, p. 4.

"Women for Racial and Economic Equality WREE will honor civil rights activists Julia Wilder and Maggie Bozeman at its First Annual Fannie Lou Hammer Awards dinner on Saturday, February 26."

"Ms. Bozeman and Ms. Wilder were unjustly convicted of vote fraud when they helped elderly people vote in Pickens County, Alabama. They were jailed but later released due to nationwide protests. Currently, ms. Wilder and Ms. Bozeman are on parole and denied the use of their voting rights..."

"Joing WREE will be city and state officials; leaders from civil rights organizations and liberation movement, and representatives from church and women's groups."

"For more information, call Norma Spector at 473-6111, or Loretta Benjamin at 477-3188."

People's School for Marxist Studies

  • Walteen Grady - executive director of Women for Racial and Economic Equality (WREE) was a scheduled participant at the CPUSA's "Conference on "Reaganomics and Capitalist Crisis - A Marxist Response", October 23, in New York City, under the sponsorship of Political Affairs, theoretical journal of the CPUSA, and the People's School for Marxist Studies" (KW: another CPUSA front). Published in the CPUSA newspaper "Daily World (DW), Thursday, October 20, 1983, p. 4.

A full list of speakers will be found under the People's School for Marxist Studies page at KW.

WIDF affiliated United States "Regional Workshops"

Circa 2007 these people were members of the US "Regional Workshop" of the former Soviet front Women's International Democratic Federation;[3]

  • EEUU, Angela Davis - History of Consciousness Dep Humanities Division; KW: CPUSA, then (Committee of Correspondence) 9COC)
  • Community activist lawyer in El Barrio;; active in immigration issues, Gloria Eneida Quinones - member Women for Racial and Economic Equality
  • LUZ DE LAS NIEVES AYRESS MORENO, Nieves Ayress - nacionalidad chilena

Fightback Conference at the WREE


The Fightback Conference at the WREE (Women for Racial and Economic Equality) National Convention 9-12 July 1981 University of Pittsburgh Includes "concerning the science of making words and making war" by Bernadine "Summertime - Ghetto Summertime" by Loretta Benjamin "Make Mine Red Roses" and "A Four-Shaft Move" by Elsie Lubetsky "Llanto" by Mercedes Durand[4]

WREE Organizational Structure and Leaders/Staff

Source: "The WREE-VIEW", "Bimonthly Bulletin of Women for Racial & Economic Equality 266 West 23 Street, New York, NY, 10011

WREE-View Staff, Jan.-Feb. 1979, Vol. 4, No. 1

Writers/Contributors (often without further identification)other than those listed as Staff:

WREE-View Staff, April-June, 1979, Vol. 4, No. 2

Writers/Contributors other than Staff:


WREE CHAPTERS/MEMBERS other than those mentioned as writers: WREE-VIEW, April-June, 1979 edition, "WREE on the move" section, p. 4

  • CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINA: forum in February, 1979, "Women in the Labor Movement"

"The Pittsburg chapters of WREE and CLUW co-sponsored an anti-Weber conference on June 9th.. at the Un. of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health." Speakers included:

  • Sue Kling - wrote a poem about Fannie Lou Hamer. Kling has long been identified as a leading member of the Chicago Communist Party, and is the wife of CPUSA Chicago chapter leader, Jack Kling
  • Peggy Lipschutz - WREE Chicago and veteran CPUSA fronts and fundraiser participant

WREE Sponsored Activities and Events

Source: "Daily World", Sept. 27, 1980, "Report on women's parley", New York, Sept. 26th.

"There will be a reportback, this Sunday, on the July United Nations Mid-Decade Women's Conference and Forum held in Copenhagen."

Reports were to be given by "six women who attended the conference."

The program will also feature a poetry reading by