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Winnie Wong was involved in Occupy Wall Street.

Old Occupiers for Bernie

Sanders' 2020 senior adviser Winnie Wong, national organizing director Claire Sandberg, California grassroots director Melissa Byrne, national field director Becca Rast, and deputy national field director Nick Martin were all on the ground for Occupy, in one city or another, in 2011.[1]

Norwegian connection

Reidar Strisland June 16, 2017.


Yesterday I received the good news that Norwegian Professional Writers Association has decided to support my project about writing book about the United States and the progressive movement around Bernie Sanders. I celebrate that with a long weekend of visits by central organizers from the precisely Bernie campaign. Do you want to hear me lead conversation with Claire Sandberg, Winnie Wong and Moumita Ahmed you simply have to get at Popvenstre-en festival med politikk og kultur in kubaparken tomorrow. The Festival already starts kl11. 15 with an exciting debate on right populism with beni and Emma Rees, the leader of corbyn organization Momentum. In 16.10, I'm going on stage to lead conversation about steel in the United States.

Reidar Strisland with Emma Rees and Claire Sandberg and Winnie Wong.

A delegation of Norwegian activists attended the People's Summit in Chicago in June 2017, and a few days later, three American activists Winnie Wong, Claire Sandberg, and friend and collaborator Moumita Ahmed (founder of Millennials For Revolution)—accepted their invitation to travel Oslo to see Nordic social democracy first-hand. We learned about the effort by the left-wing Rodt party to bring together young urban voters with working class rural voters to protect and expand the welfare state—at a time when nationalist appeals of the far-right are gaining traction here, as they are throughout the west. We were also there to speak at Popvenstre, the Roedt party's outdoor festival of music, politics, and culture, and to run some trainings for party leaders ahead of their general elections this fall.

We met Reidar Strisland, our main point of contact from the Rodt party, at the central station in downtown Oslo. Reidar -- a 28 year-old author and teacher -- attended our People's Summit training on distributed organizing and was excited to share the knowledge with the rest of his collaborators, so the first order of business for us in Oslo was getting out the slide deck and running a similar training for Roedt party grassroots activists in their downtown office.
All of the mostly young Norwegian activists gathered in the Roedt party meeting room were steeped in US politics. Someone asked Winnie about other major political figures in the US. She asked the room to see how many people have heard of Elizabeth Warren, and nearly every hand shot up.

After the training, the group headed to a cafe nearby to hear about the current state of play in Norwegian politics. In its current incarnation, the Rodt Party formed in 2007, and has been growing quickly in the past few years. Since 2013, formal membership has roughly doubled. The party's new young leader, Bjornar Moxnes, has attracted scores of millennials to join its ranks, sparking "Bjørnie" comparisons. Roedt politicians currently hold ten county council seats nationwide and have 80 municipal representatives, and they're hoping that the upcoming election on September 11 is their chance to break through a key threshold that will allow them to gain eight seats in the legislature.

To address this deepening inequality, and the growing inclination of the Norwegian government to run the welfare state like a private enterprise, the Roedt party launched its "Inequality Norway" campaign with a series of redistributive policy demands. With the slogan "Community Works," Inequality Norway underscores the belief that a society based on cooperation and equality is fairer than a society based on capitalist competition.

When we arrived at the outdoor festival in Kuba Park in downtown Oslo on a hot, glorious Saturday for our first panel on the main stage, it was only a few days after the dramatic and unexpected result in the U.K. general election.

There was a lot of excitement in the air about what might be on the horizon—not just about the possibility of Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn sitting down with President Bernie Sanders within a few years' time, but more broadly about a new common sense rejection of austerity and inequality in favor of policies that ensure a decent standard of living for all.
We were joined in a discussion on the emergence of competing left and right populisms by Paolo Gerbaudo, author of the new book, The Mask and the Flag, and by Eirik Grasaas-Stavenes, a Norwegian journalist who came to the US to cover the People's Summit for Klassekampen, the leftist daily newspaper in Norway.

There were a ton of other panels throughout the day on intersectional feminism, the importance of protecting workers rights by strengthening unions, and fighting for just refugee and immigration policies The day closed out with evening performances by some of Norway's hippest bands (with Samsaya and Awesomnia headlining).

With two more days in Norway following the festival, we spent hours in trainings and breakout strategy sessions with Roedt party organizers digging into the nuts and bolts of digital and social media best practices, barnstorms, peer-to-peer text messaging, dank memes, and more.

On our final day, we also had a chance to sit down with Madnus Marsdal from the Manifest Center for Social Analysis, a Norwegian left think tank doing innovative work advocating for expanding the welfare state and also running popular education programs training union workers on policy.[2]

"Speaks truth about terrorism, racism and Palestine"


Tidal Magazine June 17, 2013.

Listen to this spoken word of an angry (yes, angry!) woman of color as she speaks truth about terrorism, racism and Palestine. Listen . Like . Share: — with Sofia Gallisa Muriente, Lamis Deek, Conor Tomas, Nariman Khalaf Rajab, Jordan Flaherty, Yasmin Hamidi, Laura Raicovich, Ashley Cunningham, Josh MacPhee, Anas Amireh, Rachel Smith, Winnie Wong, Andrew Kadi, Omar Khartabil, Jose LaSalle, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Anthony Yenafuk, Kareem Estefan, Gina Grimm Nagle, Ashe Hu, Hanan Thabet, Ravi Ahmad, Susan Gail Wilcox, Nicolas Haeringer, Ghassan Nasr, Kazembe Balagun, Raed Samara, Suzahn Ebrahimian, Amany Khalifa, Pamela Brown, Jerry Ashton, Marina Sitrin, Jed Brandt, Cindy Milstein, Manissa M. Maharawal, Summer Mamoun Husain, Nounie Hussein, Remi Kanazi, Faten Ali, Darragh Mosca Sheehan, Josephine Hilalia, Youmna El Khattam, Katherine Ramos, Amar Mamoun Husain and Omar Atway.

Generation Left: Millennials Building the Next Socialist Movement

"Generation Left: Millennials Building the Next Socialist Movement" Mayday Community Space, 214 Starr Street, Brooklyn, NY, Friday 12 February 2016, 18:00 till Sunday 14 February 2016, organized by Young Democratic Socialists.

This year’s event comes at an unprecedented time for socialism in the United States. Polls show the growing popularity of democratic socialism and the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign among people under 35.

Those indicating intention to attend on the Wherevent website included Bhaskar Sunkara, David Littman, Emma Lucia Llano, Mark Benjamin Vondrasek, Andrew Shelton, Jameson Goetz , Chris Maisano , Ryan Bruckenthal , Juan Antonio Hernandez, John Guzek, Daniel Moraff, Joseph Schwartz, Joshua Nodiff, Heidi Easton Chua Schwa, Rahel Biru, Winnie Wong, Brandon Kemp, Sara Ali, Neal Meyer, Michele Rossi, Valencia Barbosa-Ferrer, Jason Hugh Korzelius, Mercy Villa, Barry Goldberg, Spencer Brown, Paul Goodspeed, Alex Kudeyar, Joey Iannitelli, Sean Bailey, Kayla Popuchet, Ben Packer, Alex Nitecki, Alex Nitecki, Bruce Haskin, Noelle Flan, Adam Goldman, Patrick Bon Tonissen, Patrick Bon Tonissen, Ethan Earle, Jack Suria Linares, John Richard Nolan, Byrne Hollander, Meryssa Dickerson, David Duhalde, Riaasa Muntaz, Desiree Feliciano, Louie Messina, David Lorenzo III, Priscilla Cordero, Kelsey Fatu Lizotte, Sean Monahan, Tonee Burley, Diana Dang, Orlando Escobar, Claudia Marroquin, Michelle Denise Fisher, Hoang Do, Kate Bush, Nora Evita Aresti Osis, J-anie Segui, Michael Brandini, Jake Burger, Ashley Rodriguez, Darci Collins, Shlomo Boukai, Russell David, Jonny Tsunami Iezin, Ryan Adler-Levine, Shelby Murphy, Karie Ames, Adam Cardo, Eric Dolan.[3]

People for Bernie

In 2016 Winnie Wong of Occupy Wall Street, Ready for Warren, Artists for Warren, was a leader of People for Bernie.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Leadership Meeting

Erica Y. Lee, March 12, 2016:

“Our communities have often been the difference between winning and losing. The margin of victory makes a difference,” Tulsi Gabbard. Asian American and Pacific Islander Leadership Meeting #asianamericansforbernie

Winnowongalicious.JPG — with Linh Nguyen, Bernie Sanders, Kristina Wong, Brad Jenkins, Annabel Park, Winnie Wong, Yesenia Vergara and Tulsi Gabbard in Chicago, Illinois.

Dump Trump

DUMP TRUMP, DEFEAT RACISM AND MISOGYNY, BUILD THE LEFT was an open letter to the left from 47 grassroots organizers. October 17, 2016.

A lot of us see something really clearly, but few of us—radical and revolutionary organizers—are willing to say it out loud.
So we’re going to say it. Defeating Trump in the presidential election is a top priority for the left. And at a minimum, that means mobilizing voters for Hillary Clinton in swing states even if you vote for another candidate in a safe state. We’ve got to beat Trump and Trumpism while building movements that will fight, resist and disrupt a Clinton administration that will be militaristic and pro-corporate...
As we mentioned at the beginning, defeating Trump is not enough. We need movements strong enough to fight a Clinton administration on several fronts—whether Israel/Palestine, free trade agreements, climate change, a $15 minimum wage, or the prison-industrial complex. And neutralizing the appeal of the far right means we need to both strengthen our movements for racial justice and win over white workers to a progressive class politics as an alternative to Trump’s racist economic nationalism. Finally, we need to build a left that can help anchor a visionary alternative to corporate Democrats. It won’t be easy, but we’ve come this far. Let’s defend what we’ve got in this election, and keep our eye on collective liberation.

Signatories included Winnie Wong, People for Bernie .

Love, Power, Solidarity and Protection


Winnie Wong November 23, 2016;

Love, Power, Solidarity and Protection to brothers and sisters who are at Standing Rock for #PeaceGiving. — with Bill Gallagher, Mary Clinton, Lorenzo Serna, Phil Aroneanu, Tom Hallaran, Brett Banditelli, Gerard Brogan, Nick Katkevich, Alyssa Kang, Rae Breaux, Jodi Archambault-Gillette, Claire Sandberg, Patsy Games, Caleb-Michael Files, Wiyaka Eagleman, Sarah Cecile, Katherine Brezler, Judith LeBlanc, Desiree Kane, Daphne Carr, Lena Tso, Susan Rubin and Moumita Ahmed.

Left Labor Project Presents: What Happened? What Now?


Left Labor Project Presents: What Happened? What Now? Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 6 PM - 9 PM, 310 W 43rd St, New York.

A converastion with Bill Fletcher, Jr., international activist and co-author of Solidarity Divided: The crisis in organized labor and a new path toward social justice.

This event is Co-sponsored by: Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, Committees of Correspondence Education Fund, Democratic Socialists of America, Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Those invited included Winnie Wong.

New Yorkers for Bernie

Jill Greenberg April 9, 2016


Welcome home, Bernie Sanders! New York, New York, it's a helluva town, the Bronx is up and the Battery's down ... Help Canvass & Win New York for Bernie!

  1. NYforBernie #WFP4Bernie #NYLabor4Bernie — with Darius Khalil Gordon, Raybblin Vargas, Gili Getz, Lillian Gorman, Rachel Eve Stein, Arlene Geiger, Miriam Rabban, Mindy Rosier, Phillip Anderson, Joe Dinkin, Javier Anderson, Andrew C. White, Rafael Shimunov, Ian Williams, Elena Hermanson, Susan M. Dooha, Karla Fisk, Moumita Ahmed, Andi Dier, Flora Ichiou Huang, Caleb-Michael Files, Dave Handy, Charles Lenchner, Jon E. Dominos, Owen Crowley, Sam Himmelstein, Kristina Andreotta, Daniel Millstone, Heidi Siegfried, Glenn Oldhoff, Maria Svart, Sam Massol, Nadya Stevens, Winnie Wong, Akiko Ichikawa, Peter Hogness, Mark Hannay, David Unger, Jeffrey Gold, Emiljana Ulaj, Alice Fisher, Katherine Brezler, Josh Siegel, Steve Oliver and Candice Fortin.

Joined DSA


Winnie Wong joined Democratic Socialists of America in June 2017.

“Revolution at the Crossroads"

From February 17-19 2017, members of Young Democratic Socialists (YDS) gathered for “Revolution at the Crossroads: Igniting the Socialist Resistance Against Trump.” The first YDS conference since the post-Bernie/Trump boom, the gathering "acted as a rally point for all our new members as well as the staging ground for building and confronting the new far-right administration".

More than 250 people attended, almost three times as many as last year. Many of the attendees had just joined DSA in the past couple of months, and many were first politicized by the Bernie campaign. But "as less than a month had passed since the Inauguration, all attendees were concentrated on President Trump's new far-right administration".

Longtime DSA veteran Michael Lighty spoke first. The first openly LGBT person to lead a U.S. socialist organization, when he was national director of DSA in the early 90s, Lighty is now the director of public policy for National Nurses United. The Nurses were a key ally of the Bernie campaign, headlining The People's Summit which DSA co-sponsored last year. He spoke passionately of the need to make socialism more readily accessible to the masses already energized by the Bernie campaign. Joining him were veteran anarcho-syndicalist and co-founder of People for Bernie Winnie Wong, who spoke equally passionately on the need to work both within the Democratic Party to ease the path for more left-leaning candidates, and outside the party. Rounding out the panel was Khalid Kamau, member of Black Lives Matter and candidate for city council in the City of South Fulton, Georgia. He highlighted the right wing's long-term strategy, especially their use of local races as a path for base building and candidate training. He argued that the left also needs to employ this strategy.[4]

Democratic Socialists of America Unity

Winnie Wong supported the Democratic Socialists of America Unity grouping, established for the 2017 Democratic Socialists of America National Convention in Chicago.[5]

New New York DSA Facebook group

Members of the New New York City Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group, as of June 27, 2018 included Winnie Wong.[6]

DSA North Star


In 2018 Winnie Wong was an original signatory of the DSA North Star founding principles statement.

Women's convention

Women’s March announced that U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) will open the Women’s Convention’s Friday evening program, which will take place in Detroit from Friday, October 27 to Sunday, October 29 2017.

Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI), Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI), Wendy Carrillo, and [Erica Ford] will also join the roster of over 60 women speakers, femmes, and allies of all backgrounds who will join thousands for a weekend of workshops, strategy sessions, inspiring forums and intersectional movement building. The theme of the Convention, “Reclaiming Our Time,” will honor U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who will be headlining the Convention on Saturday evening.

“It was amazing to be part of the Women’s Marches and witness democracy in action...I fully expect to see that same turnout, passion and energy here in Detroit, and I look forward to speaking with women leaders from across the country,” said Senator Debbie Stabenow.

The growing list of speakers include: Angela Rye, Amber Tamblyn, Symone Sanders, Piper Perabo, Sally Kohn, Nomiki Konst, Leah Greenberg, Lilliana Reyes, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Rebecca Cokley, Nina Turner, Stephanie Schriock, Ai-jen Poo, Aida Hurtado, Lenore Anderson, Stephanie Chang, Raquel Castaneda Lopez, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Sarah Eagle Heart, Rashida Tlaib, Brittany Packnett, Winnie Wong, Stosh Cotler, and the Women’s March co-chairs Bob Bland, Carmen Perez, Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory.[7]

Movement Voter Project Advisory Board

Movement Voter Project Advisory Board members, as of January 24, 2018 included Winnie Wong.[8]

Kerri Evelyn Harris supporter


Fundraiser for Julia Salazar

Winnie Wong June 9 2018:


Linda Sarsour and I are hosting a fundraiser for Julia Salazar. We hope you can come. We can use this opportunity to have an organizing meeting. Fundraising is very important. But organizing is much more important. — with Sophie EG, Sam Esther Adler-Bell, Linda Sarsour, Brea Baker, Moumita Ahmed, Gabriella Zutrau, Mary Clinton, Michael Cavadias, Susan LK, Ravi Ahmad, Audrey Sasson, Julia Salazar, Elana Levin, Maria Svart, Bianca Cunningham, Michael Kinnucan and Democratic Socialists of America.

Michigan socialists

Winnie Wong July 31 2018:


This fun crew is about to be reunited this week and we'll be joined by some good as heck friends. 🤭. #ForOurFuture — with Claire Sandberg and Abdul El-Sayed, and Linda Sarsour.

Die Linke

Winnie Wong September 17 2018:


With Claire Sandberg, at German Bundestag.



Winnie Wong with Emma Rees Berlin September 2018.

Kavanaugh protest


Linda Sarsour, Senator Elizabeth Warren Winnie Wong.


Winnie Wong December 14, 2017 ·


With Ana Maria Archila, Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour and Ady Barkan.



September 25th 2018 Winnie Wong, Bob Bland, Ady Barkan, Linda Sarsour.

Ilhan Omar connection

Winnie Wong January 3:


Sliding into Stephen Miller’s DMs amirite. Winnie Wong, Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar.


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