William Camacaro

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William Camacaro

Committee to Celebrate the Life of Luis Miranda Rivas

In 2009 William Camacaro was a member of the Committee to Celebrate the Life of Luis Miranda Rivas.[1]

"New Cold War"


New York City: What’s driving the new ‘Cold War’? Will It escalate? Can we stop it?

Teach-In: Saturday, May 10 2014 Riverside Church, Tower Room.

  • NATO expansion and encirclement of Russia & China
  • Why the U.S. wants a confrontation over Ukraine
  • ‘Asia Pivot,’ AFRICOM & the ‘War on Terror’
  • How Washington uses NGOs, fascist movements, mercenaries & drones to promote its agenda
  • Why our real enemy is Wall Street – not Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Korea …


Venezuelan connection

Students & Youth for a New America June 3, 2017


SYNA organizers Dakotah Lilly and Dyln Namm with Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN Rafael Carreno, and Solidarity Activist William Camacaro, and journalist Caleb Maupin.