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Will Colwell Works at Mental Health Consumer Advocates Oasis Wellness and Recovery Center, Providence Rhode Island.


Studied Political Science/US History at UMass Boston.

Boston Social Forum

At the 2004 Boston Social Forum Socialist Organizations and Social Movements: friends or enemies? a Freedom Road Socialist Organization Workshop was held;

Explore the role of socialism and socialist organizations in movement-building. Panelists will comment on what has changedon the left, efforts to strengthen the socialist current, which anticapitalist initiatives have been more effective internationally today, and broader strategies for transformational social change. Group discussion will follow with three goals: 1) Explore the continuing relevance of socialism as an alternative vision to capitalism. 2) Assess the institutional resources we have for movement building: socialist organizations have had mixed results. Yet without the organized left, movements often wind up too disorganized to truly make a difference. 3) Strategize about what new kinds of organizations are likely to be politically effective and how they might come about.

Panel: Meizhu Lui (Freedom Road Socialist Organization), Will Colwell (Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism), Solidarity and others.

Contact for the panel was Steve Backman Freedom Road Socialist Organization.[1]