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Will Bloom

Central Connecticut DSA Closed Group


Members of the Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America Closed Facebook Group, as of August 18, 2017 included Will Bloom.[1]


New Haven’s activist community expanded March 2017 2017, when the Central Connecticut Democratic Socialists of America held its first open member meeting.

Nearly 70 New Haven community members and Yale affiliates filled the Bradley Room of the United Church on the Green to discuss organizing strategies and visions for the group. The idea for the group originated in November after the presidential election, according to Will Bloom LAW ’17, one of the group’s six lead organizers.

“What is really powerful about a DSA chapter is that it can be a space for folks on the left involved in struggles to come together and find support and solidarity and to connect various forms of oppression and name the overarching cause,” Bloom said, citing racism, the patriarchy and capitalism as modern sources of oppression.[2]

Jewish Solidarity Caucus

Members of the Jewish Solidarity Caucus Members, Facebook group, as of February 8, 2018 included Will Bloom.[3]

Democratic Socialists Swag Swap

Members of Democratic Socialists of America's Democratic Socialists Swag Swap closed Facebook group, accessed January 12, 2018 include Will Bloom .[4]

Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee

In March 2018 Will Bloom was involved with the Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee.

Chicago DSA conference delegates

Sean Estelle August 1, 2019 ·


On our way to Atlanta for #dsacon19 🌹✨ — with Will Bloom, Joe Allen and Isabella Janusz.

Chicago DSA Closed Facebook group

This is the official Facebook group for Chicago DSA and its branches (South Side, Northside, and Oak Park)

Members of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of June 7, 2018 included Will Bloom .[5]

Bread & Roses


Will Bloom is a member of Bread & Roses.


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