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Washington Public Campaigns was established to promote state funding of elections.


In 2001, a small group of concerned Washington State citizens, convinced of the value of public financing of campaigns as a way to liberate politicians, give power back to the average citizen and invigorate democracy, began working on the dream to have a law in our state similar to that recently passed in Maine and Arizona.

Washington Public Campaigns was incorporated April 30, 2003 as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington.

MISSION: :Washington Public Campaigns inspires and mobilizes citizens to establish public funding of political campaigns to further government of the people, by the people, and for the people.[1]


As of December 2012.

Board members

WPC Staff

Washington Public Campaigns banquet

Senator Maria Cantwell gave the keynote address for Washington Public Campaigns Fourth Annual Awards Banquet June 19, 2010, in the Brockey Center at South Seattle Community College. The Washington Democrat had been selected by The Nation magazine as "Most Valuable Senator" in 2009 for 'her effort challenging fellow members of Congress to get serious about financial services reform. As this year's guest speaker Cantwell lend her voice to the call for fair elections nationally".

The awards banquet generated financial support for Washington Public Campaigns to support their efforts to achIeve voter-owned elections (public funding of election campaigns) in Washington State. Writing about the Awards Banquet, WPC Director Craig Salins, a one time Democratic Socialists of America leader stated:

At the 4th Annual Awards Banquet June 19th - with guest speaker Senator Maria Cantwell - Washington Public Campaigns will celebrate our progress in the past year, and recognize individuals and groups who have contributed mightily to our work...[3]