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Template:TOCnestleft Waleed Shahid is an organizer and writer on race, inequality, and the Democratic Party. His writing has appeared in The Nation, Dissent, In These Times, and ColorLines.[1]

Netroots Nation 2021

ELECTIONS REIMAGINED: THE FAIR REPRESENTATION ACT Panel; Thu, 10/07/2021 - 03:45pm (Eastern)

Our country must achieve true fairness and equal representation. Yet gerrymandering and our winner-take-all elections bring us politics and a government that is more conservative, more white and significantly less diverse than our country. The Fair Representation Act will fix this by markedly improving our elections. It’s a bold, comprehensive solution that solves our problems with partisan gerrymandering and uncompetitive elections. Progressives can fight to make systemic changes on the local, state and national level to build a government and politics that truly represents all of us — join us to learn how!

Led by: David Daley

Panelists: Anthony Pizzimenti, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Waleed Shahid, Heather Villanueva

Endorsing Keith Ellison

Millennial Leaders Endorse Keith Ellison for DNC Chair was posted February 2017.

Young people have been at the forefront of every major struggle in our country to make real the promise of democracy. During the last election cycle, our generation played a pivotal role in bringing economic and racial justice to the forefront of political dialogue, and now we are marching in the streets, rallying at airports, and at town halls resisting Donald Trump’s cabinet and his agenda of hatred and greed.

That’s why we endorse Representative Keith Ellison for DNC Chair. We believe he can activate the millennial base of the party by working with the movements we have powered.

Signatories included Waleed Shahid, #AllofUs.

Momentum former team members

Former Momentum team members include;


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