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Valerie Young has experience is in largely three domains — hackerspaces, cooperative houses, and free software. As an undergraduate at Boston University, she co-founded a hackerspace. Hackerspaces (often called makerspaces) are physical spaces where people can share tools, knowledge, resources. Since college she has lived only in co-operative housing projects, because we have more when we share and feel happier when we feed and are fed by housemates. Finally, she works on free and open source software.[1]

Boston DSA Synthesis Slate

Introducing: the Boston Democratic Socialists of America Synthesis Slate Feb 22, 2018.

Synthesis is a group of committed DSA members with diverse perspectives and ideas who all share the strong conviction that pluralism is DSA’s greatest strength. We are eager to make major changes in the American political landscape, including the elimination of all forms of oppression, imperialism, inequality, and suffering, and we understand that we must reflect those desires in our internal structure and choices as an organization. We value transparent, direct democracy, radical kindness, sincere debate and discussion, and empowering members to create the DSA (and world) that they want to see. We believe that we can achieve socialism in our lifetimes. We’re running for Steering Committee and officer positions; meet us below!

Members Beth Huang, Maddie Howard, Kit Cali, Evan Lemire, Kathryn Anderson, Presley Pizzo, Valerie Young, Vaughn Allen Goodwin. Clyde Grubbs and Louise Parker withdrew their candidacies.[2]