United Vision for Idaho

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United Vision for Idaho

United Vision for Idaho is the Idaho state chapter of USAction.[1] United Vision for Idaho (UVI), is a coalition of non-profit organizations formed in 1995. UVI focuses on building its grassroots base county by county. Their mission is to get real people engaged in real change in every community in Idaho.


UVFI builds power by uniting people locally and nationally, on-the-ground and online, to win a more just and progressive America. They create the nation's leading progressive coalitions, making democracy work by organizing issues and election campaigns to improve people's lives.[2]

History and Mission

UVFI promotes the following objectives:

  • A guarantee of quality, affordable health coverage, with good benefits and equitable access to health services, for everyone in the nation. UVFI supports universal healthcare.
  • A reversal of the Bush administration's economic priorities, which included drastic budget cuts for critical human-needs services and tax breaks for millionaires and corporate interests. UVFI is in favor of economic justice.
  • An end to the war in Iraq, no war with Iran, and the establishment of a progressive national-security worldview.
  • New commitments to strengthen public education and promote safe, clean energy to end dependence on oil. UVFI is a supporter of Cap and Trade and nationalized education.

Mission: To promote education and understanding of public policy which allows every person in Idaho to live with dignity and security in a healthy environment; build lasting relationships and open communication among coalition members at the community level; promote dialogue on the common values of coalition members; and help coalition members empower their constituencies to participate in democracy.[3]


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