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United Public Workers is a public service union (AFSCME, Local 646) based in Hawaii, and is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO.


UPW Headquarters, Henry B. Epstein guilding, Oahu

The murals on the walls of the Henry B. Epstein building were envisioned by Epstein himself, and created by artists Jean Charlot (1898 - 1979) and Isami Enemoto, being based on the writings of Stephen Murin.


The union's mission is found in their constitution:

"[We] have the common objective to advance the living standards of ourselves and our fellow workers everywhere in the world, to promote the general welfare of our nation and our communities, to banish prejudice and discrimination, to strengthen democracy and achieve peace in the world, do form ourselves into one, indivisible Union and adopt the following Constitution to guide our conduct and protect the democratic rights of our members."[1]


As at February 2009, the following were involved with the union:[2]

Steward Trainees

The following "successfully completed 3 Saturdays of Steward training, receiving their Level I Steward Training Certificate":

Affiliated Organizations