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The United States Social Forum is an "ongoing series of gatherings of social justice activists in the United States which grew out of the World Social Forum."


"What is the US Social Forum?"[1]

"The US Social Forum USSF (USSFo) is a movement building process. It is not a conference but it is a space to come up with the peoples' solutions to the economic and ecological crisis. The USSF is the next most important step in our struggle to build a powerful multi-racial, multi-sectoral, inter-generational, diverse, inclusive, internationalist movement that transforms this country and changes history."

"We must declare what we want our world to look like and we must start planning the path to get there. The USSF provides spaces to learn frome ach other's experiences and struggles, share our analysis of the problems our communities face, build relationships, and align with our international brothers and sisters to strategize how to reclaim our world."

[Video link to: "Introduction and History of the US Social Forum by USsocialforum]

What We Believe

We, the organizers of the first United States Social Forum USSF USSFo:

  • Believe that there is a strategic need to unite the struggles of oppressed communities and peoples within the United States (particularly Black, Latino, Asian/Pacific-Islander and Indigenous communities) to the struggles of oppressed nations in the Third World.
  • Believe the USSF should place the highest priority on groups that are actually doing grassroots organizing with working class people of color, who are trainining organizers, building longt-term structures of resistance, and who can work well with other groups, seeing their participation in USSF as building the whole, not just their part of it.
  • Believe the USSF must be a place where the voices of those who are most marginalized and oppressed from Indigenous communities can be heard - a place that will recognize Indigenous peoples, their issues and struggles.
  • Believe the USSF must create space for the full and equal participation of undocumented migrants and their communities.
  • Believe the USSF should link US-based youth organizers, activists, and cultural workers to the struggles of their brothers and sisters abroad, drawing common connections and exploring the deeper meanings of solidarity.
  • Believe the USSF is important because we must have a clear and unified approach at dealing with social justice issues, and meaningful positions on global issues.
  • Believe that a USSF sends a message to other people's movements around the world that there is an active movement in the United States opposing U.S. policies at home and abroad.
  • Believe that the USSF will help build national networks that will be better able to collaborate with international networks and movements.
  • We believe the USSF is more than an event, it is an ongoing process to contribute to strengthening the entire movement, bringing together the various sectors and issues that work for global justice.

Why a 2nd US Social Forum?

The gathering in Atlanta in June 2007 had 12,000 people come together in the belief that "Another World Was Possible!" Movement forces from all over the country took advantage of the opportunity to celebrate, organize, teach, debate and otherwise contribute to a growing sense that "Another U.S. Is Necessary!" The USSF made clear our need for greater convergence among progressives and the left in this country and to begin to articulate our vision for "Another World."

The purpose of the USSF is to effectively and affirmatively articulate the values and strategies of a growing and vibrant movement for justice in the United States. Those who build towards and participate in the USSF are no longer interested in simply stating what social justice movements "stand-against," rather we see ourselves as part of new movements that reach beyond national borders, that practice democracy at all levels, and understand that neo-liberalism abroad and here in the US is not the solution. The USSF provides a first major step towards such articulation ow what we stand for.

[Video link to: "How Can We Think About and Benefit from the US Social Forum? by USsocialforum}

Why Detroit?

To win nationally, we must win in places like Detroit. The Midwest site of the USSD makrs a fierce resistance movement for social, racial, gender and economic justice. Detroit has the highest unemployment of any major city in the country - 23.2% (March 2009) - with nearly one in four Detroiters unable to find work. Michigan has had the highest number of unemployed people in all 50 states for nearly four years. Thousands of living wage jobs have been permanently lost in the automotive industry and related sectors. Some think that is will take at least until 2025 for Michigan to recover from the economic collapse and social dislocation.

What is happening in Detroit and in Michigan is happening all across the United States. Detroit is a harbinger for what we must do in our communities! As grassroots activists and organizers, we work to address the indignities against working families and low-income people, and protected our human right to the basic necessities of life. In Detroit, we can make change happen!

The US Social Forum provides this space - drawing participants from different regions, ethnicities, sectors and ages across the U.S. and its colonies. Community-based organizations, indigenous nations, immigrants, independent workers organizations, unions, unemployed, youth, children, elders, queers, differently-abled, international allies, academics, and advocacy organizations will be able to come together in Detroit for dialogues, reflection and to define future strategies.

[Video link to: "Why a US Social Forum? Detroit Locals Let You Know by USsocialforum]

World Social Forum to USSF - Globalizing the Resistance

A global movement is rising. The USSF is our opportunity to prepare and meet it! The World Social Forum (WSF) has become an important symbol of global movement convergence and the development of alternatives to the dominant paradigm. Over the past nine years, the WSF has gathered the world's workers, peasants, youth, women, and oppressed peoples to construct a counter-vision to the economic and political elites of the World Economic Forum held annual in Davos, Switzerland.

After gathering 100,000 people in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2005, the International Council (IC) decided taht in 2006 there would be regional social forums to culminate in a WSF in 2007. The IC delegated Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) to help shepherd the US Social Forum process, stating that it was strategic to hold a gathering of people and movements within the "belly of the beast" that were against the ravages of globalization and neoliberal policies in the US and worldwide. GGJ is an alliance that grew out of people-of-color-led grassroots groups who participated in the first WSF. These grassroot leaders initiated a process to creat the first USSF National Planning Committee (NPC) and Atlanta was selected as the USSFt city. In early 2009, the NPC selected Detroit as the second host city for 2010.

Learn more about the World Social Forum and social forums around the world. (sic)

Call to Participate in Building the Road to Detroit

We call those who fight for justice to converge and act, and to reflect on the potential of our position and the power of our connections. Although we have built organizations that push forward an integrated, multi-issue, multiracial strategy, we have yet to build our movement on a scale relative to our sisters and brothers in the Global South.

The US Social Forum offers the opportunity to gather and unify these growing forces. We must seize this moment and advance our collective work to build grassroots leadership, develop collective vision and forumulate strategies that keep a strong movement growing.

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Editor's Log In Contact Us Online Principles and Policies The US Social Forum supports the use of free and open source software

Postal Address: USSF Detroit, PO Box 3551, Highland Park, MI 48203

National Planning Committee (NPC)

also taken from their website www.ussf2010.org/npc, copied 4/15/2010

In 2006, the first USSF National Planning Committee was created following the 2005 World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Allegre, Brazil. Grassroots Global Justice- a people of color, grassroots alliance - was delegated by the WSF's International Council to help sheperd the U.S. Social Forum process. These grassroots leaders initiated a process to create the first USSF. The NPC selected Atlanta as the first USSF host city for 2007. In early 2009, the NPC selected Detroit as the second host city for 2010.

The NPC is made up of representatives from about 45 social movement organizations in the U.S. These volunteer members oversee the fiscal and political responsibilities of the USSF Wiki. To contact individual organizations, please visit the Organizations that are interested in becoming NPC members can apply by contacting Adrienne Maree Brown )adrienne&ussf2010.org) for an application. (sic)

The NPC list includes currently active members:

[END OF WEBSITE information for www.ussf2010.org/about and org./npc]

Role Call - Detroit planning meeting

  • Jacqui Patterson, with Women of Color United. Co-sponsoring PMA on gender justice. Workshop on women of color and climate justice. We'll be documenting, videoing.
  • Mary Anne Barnett: AFSCME
  • Bill Bryce: Jobs with Justice, getting labor involved
  • Rich Feldman, UAW
  • Adam Connor: Center for Community Based Enterprise, economy based workshops
  • Alfredo Lopez: May First/People-Link.
  • Mallory Knodel: tech staff
  • Jamie McClelland: tech team
  • B. Loewe: field organizer, excited to show all who see organizing in this country as a donut, you'll shift your view to see as a mountain with midwest holding up the center.
  • Sha: Resource Mob, registration
  • Danielle Mahones: CTWO, outreach team. Black organizing project in Oakland, bringing delegation of folks
  • Louis Head, SWOP in Albuquerque. People’s Freedom Caravan, bringing lots of youth. Rolling PMA along with sister orgs.
  • Cindy Wiesner Grassroots Global Justice Alliance excited to bring 12 international folks to join our delegation and through IAD process gender justice convening wilill do a batucana at the march
  • Brigid Flaherty, PushBack, with IAD we'll be participating with town hall
  • Rishi Awatramani, Leftist Lounge
  • Josue Guillen, mayfirst people link and progressive technology project- we'll be doing workshops on open source
  • Sylvia Orduno, Michigan Welfare Rights
  • Victor Arbulu, janitor who is excited to make everything clean
  • Adrienne Maree Brown, faciitator extraordinaire, national coordinator, Ruckus Society - 4 PMAs, 4 actions we're supporting, and as much else as we can help!
  • Maureen Taylor, USSF staff, Michigan Welfare Rights Organization-welcome to Detroit
  • Diana Copeland East Michigan Environmental Action Council
  • William Copeland, local coordinator USSF, trying to amp up Detroit outreach excited about PMAs one with Project South up south down south PMA and healing justice PMA health justice and social justice
  • Steven Gastire- Michigan environmental group? will send students to the forum
  • Jennifer Carrera, volunteering with Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
  • Susan Fitzmaurice: Disability Justice; hit 50% mark on fundraising! June 19th at AJ cafe, folk singer who sing songs disability rights and other social justice. Two workshops on disability were accepted, around intersections with other issues.
  • Debbie Williams Michigan Welfare Rights and with Outreach committee
  • Joseph Williams here to listen.
  • Heather Milton Lightning doing Native outreach
  • Kali Akuno, US Human Rights Network
  • Nikodo from Europe; worked on language access in european social forum. Living in California, working with local communities working on health and communication
  • Sharon Feldman Palestine National Committee- I am with the local Palestinian outreach committee
  • Terry Womesn Int'l League for Peace and Freedom. Governance with regard to corporate personhood and other workshops, Cuba etc
  • Jackie Smith Sociologists without Borders- supporting documentation of the USSF rethinking relationships btwn universities and movements
  • Marian Kramer National and Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. looking forward to all of you coming hope we stir up stuff. And i wpork woth the Poverty working group
  • Jen Cox Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign. week 8 of poor peoples march that started April 4 in New Orleans and is on its way to Detroit. excited to bring orgs across the country to end poverty. PMA on world court of women on poverty in US.
  • Jardyn Lake, national youth outreach coordinator
  • Brooke Harper
  • Stephanie Guilloud from Atlanta with Project South. youth caravan with 5 orgs from atlanta. doing weekly radio show up to and through the forum. Working with PMA process. Everyone on caravan is required to volunteer.
  • Ruben Solis Southwest Workers Union PMA working group. 50 PMAs will be happening during forum
  • Treston Jobs with Justice and pitch hitting for Sarita Gupta who gave birth wednesday. On plenary team and trying to engage the labor movement with the USSF process-not just with fundraising but engaging trade unionists to participate in all aspects of the forum. We are trying to bring 500 people from our network from across the country. InterAlliance Dialogue (IAD) PMAs etc
  • Fran Tobin National Jobs with Justice
  • Elandria Williams, Highlander Center trying to get rural young people to come up to the forum and meet up with PPEHRC caravan.
  • Darryl Jordan American Friends Service Commitee and third world committee. we're doing some stuff on economic justice. we are bringing 50-60 but that number is still growing.Also working in Philly with folks coming and have a bus coming up $60 r/t.outreach group
  • Tom Goldtooth Indigenous Environmental Network. Indigenous PMA focused on different sector issues. co sponsoring a climate justice PMA and combining that with ecological/economic social justice agenda. John Trudell will be there and IEN's 20th anniversary. People from US Canada & Alaska. Action on marathon oil refinery combined with tar sands campaign. coordinating with local native womens group on water ceremony- open to all bring your local water. invite extended to Evo Morales coming out of water struggle in Cochabamba, Bolivia and either he will come or US ambassador Pablo Salon...
  • Emily Kawano US Solidaruty Economy Network...working on solidarity economy issues with PMA and canopy and workshops
  • Carl Right to the City Alliance- urban justice PMA, and with GGJ, JWJ, Pushback IAD town hall meeting, civic engagement and condo converstion to low income housing trying to get 40 members to come
  • Corina McCarthy-Fadel- Project South we're holding, Youth Working Group
  • Derek Rankings with Peoples Survival and Beyond -youth working group
  • George Friday, IPPA, helping with documentation we'll do a PMA on progressive dialopgue on political victory and how do we win elected office working with LRNA, PDA, AFSC on destroying corporate personhood. Out for Justice ( Baltimore) doing a
  • Norris Henderson VOTE-NOLA, we are part of caravan coming out of south. PMA dealing with environmental justice across the gulf coast.
  • Oya culture person/Goddess and DLOC rep. Focusing on cultural events happening at opening ceremony, Hart Plaza, grafitti art, childrens art , murals throughout the community, PMA, plenaries and workshops. Culture will be integrated into every aspect of USSF. If you want artists to participate in your workshops let us know- if you have artists who want to perform let us know.
  • Akudo Ejemodo, National Field organizer trying to fill missig gap in northwest. safety security and inclusiveness of LGBTI people at USSF
  • Rose Brewer, Gender Justice WG, OC, NPC, povwerty working group- impressive group of poor folk are coming and excied about PMAs
  • Walda Katz-Fishman: LRNA; demanding and getting the world we want: will detroit lead the way? (workshop). Tent as well. There are 1,062 workshops so we are instead going to others. We have scheduled all the workshops and PMA's.
  • Jerome Scott with LRNA. Excited that the USSF is here in Detroit!
  • Genaro Lopez-Rendon, International Director Southwest Workers Union; People's Freedom Caravan, we'll be bringing a bunch of people. The group is working on a bunch of different stuff, around youth, ALBA, immigration... It's upon us! Still raising money. Props to folks in Detroit.
  • Flo Razowsky, IJAN. Four days before USSF will be hosting Jewish Anti Zionist Assembly in Detroit, and our participants will then fold into the USSF. Partnering with different organizations, presenting 4 workshops around Palestine and challenging Zionism. Two PMA's: anti-zionist jewish organizing; Boycott divestment and sanctions
  • Camilia, USPCN (US Palestinian Community Network). Two PMA's: justice in Palestine for and by Arabs tow ork on internal leadership; boycott divestment and sanctions; Gaza accountability workshop. 35 palestine-oriented workshops! Palestine tent.
  • Reg McGhee, SE Michigan Jobs with Justice, co-chair of Detroit labor outreach committee. Thankful to everyone who put together the 2007 forum in Atlanta. Working hard to reach out to labor in Detroit. International UAW is on board, elements of new leadership of union are supporting. Region 1A. AFSCME in michigan, metro detroit AFL-CIO, ROC Michigan, Union retirees. Looking forward to much-expanded labor participation, this is the birthplace of union movement. ROC Michigan demo tonight.
  • Jamala Rogers, Freedom Road Socialist Organization
  • Adele Nieves, national Communications staff.
  • Michael Leon Guerrero, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. 5th anniversary celebration!
  • Tapeka Dixon; MWRO, going logistics. excited because kids will move back in once this is over.
  • Fred Vitale, MWRO. excited about poor people coming and PMA's
  • David M with USSF
  • Ahmina Maxey with EMEAC
  • Missy with EMEAC

Global Climate Convergence

In 2015, the Global Climate Convergence was "accepted as an official member of the National Planning Committee for the U.S. Social Forum (USSF). [2]

National Planning Committee

Contact Sheet for the National Planning Committee of the U.S. Social Forum, Detroit 2010. [3] Original April 09, 2009, Updated February 23, 2010.


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